Chapter 49 (Casady)Mature


The next few hours were filled with continuing orientation and the occasional break for snacks or a bottle of water. Casady found himself counting down the hours until he could crawl back into his bed and sleep. But then, sleep wouldn't last very long. Most of all, Casady wanted to be free of the Force. It was the only true rest.

Morgance, being Morgance, had refused to Sing, so she hadn't been able to eat lunch. Rune had been all over the place looking for her, but when he returned, there was a strange look on his face. What was even more disconcerting was the fact that Rune refused to tell what had happened.

What really transpires on the campus of the Songmakers Force? Is there something sinister happening?

Still disturbed by Aretta's all-too-obvious flirtation, Casady found himself thoroughly disgruntled with the Force by the end of the day. There were to be two more days of orientation left before each group was left to be dealt with by their Head Singers' Trainer.

Singing with Vinnia would be a much-needed calm in the storm.

Casady had not seen Vinnia all day, however. Because Aretta had insisted upon taking over the voice lesson for the day, Casady had been withheld from his Trainer that morning, and he wondered if it would always be thus. He hoped not. Aretta was nearly too much for him to bear.

At the end of the day, Casady ambled aimlessly around the campus. He knew he ought to be socializing, but all he could do was jam his hands in his pockets and walk around, wishing for freedom of that oppressive place. Perhaps Vinnia's plans for freedom really would work. Perhaps he was being foolish in doubting his Trainer's motives. Yes, Casady had aligned himself with Vinnia's and Trace's cause, but he found himself worrying sometimes.

Still, wasn't it better to trust Vinnia than to trust Aretta? Surely it was! Surely Vinnia wasn't leading Casady to destruction!

Completely exhausted, Casady unlocked his dorm door and stumbled over to his bed. It was hours, however, before he managed to fall asleep.

The End

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