Chapter 47 (Morgance)Mature


Every student had an hour of free time after voice lessons and before lunch. Of course, Morgance had refused to cooperate during her voice lesson, so she'd been denied lunch. Ah, well. She'd have that much more time to be by herself.

Walking to the edge of the campus, Morgance stared at the whitewashed wall in front of her. What lay outside the walls of the Force? What world beckoned her to come join it? Would there ever be a realization of her dream to venture beyond what the Songmakers offered her? No, likely not. Morgance sighed.

Relieved to be by herself, Morgance finally relaxed. Yes, she greatly enjoyed Rune's company, but sometimes, a girl had to be alone.

This was one of those times.

Holding tightly to her rebellious attitude, Morgance's mood shifted from one of wondering to one of fury. The nerve of the Force! To think they could wrench one's voice from one's throat...since when did their every word rule the world? The thought was a disturbing one, and Morgance tried to concentrate on something else. No use fixating on something she couldn't change.

Some annoying voice from somewhere on campus cut across the loudspeakers. As lunch was announced, Morgance found herself amazed that she had already been musing for an hour. How the time had flown by!

Hunger pains roiling in her stomach, Morgance held her head high and refused to give in.

I am one warrior that the Songmakers Force won't defeat.

The End

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