Chapter 46 (Casady)Mature


The first thing Casady noticed, after walking into the room in which he'd be receiving a private voice lesson, was that Aretta was the one teaching him.

"What's this?" Casady asked, completely confused.

"I requested to Sing with you today," Aretta replied, flashing Casady a smile that was probably meant to be attractive. "I have the Force wrapped around my pinkie. They'll do whatever I ask."

Disgusted by how spoiled Aretta clearly was, Casady shrugged and stepped over to the piano, where sheet music was spread out in front of Aretta. "I'm going to sight-read already?" he asked, surprised. Sight-reading had never been his strong suit.

"Of course! I know you can do it," Aretta responded.

Ignoring Aretta's flirtatious tone, Casady studied the sheet music for one fleeting moment before Aretta began to play the beginning notes.

"Shouldn't I warm up first?" Casady asked, wondering if Aretta really knew what she was doing.

"Oh, yes, silly me," Aretta said, just a little too quickly. She removed her long, delicate fingers from the piano keys and turned to Casady. "Well, how shall we get your voice warmed up?" she asked in a voice that was too enthusiastic to be particularly intelligent.

"Uh, I thought you'd know that."

Blushing slightly, Aretta touched Casady's shoulder and giggled - a tinkling, obnoxious sound. "Right," she said. "That's the first thing I ought to teach you, of course. How to get your voice ready for singing." She hesitated and drummed her fingers absently on the piano keys.

Rolling his eyes, Casady mentally prepared himself for the amount of patience that would be required in order to work with Aretta. Is she really flirting with me? Can she be that stupid?

After several none-too-successful warm-up exercises, Aretta clasped her hands together in excitement. "Aha!" she shrieked. "You're getting it, Casady, you're getting it!" Laughing and placing her hand squarely on Casady's arm, Aretta winked up at her pupil.

Removing his arm from Aretta's grip, Casady grimaced. "Yeah, well, thanks," he muttered.

"Are you ready to start Singing, then? Really Singing?"

"Yes, but..." Casady halted, then finished his thought. "Aretta, I think I'd like to work with Vinnia."

Clearly taken aback by Casady's words, Aretta stood and studied Casady's face. Her eyes were disbelieving, as though she wasn't used to men refusing to be around her. "You're not joking," she finally stated, after a long time of observing Casady's expression.


Picking up the sheet music, Aretta gave a loud harumph! and stomped her foot on the ground. "Mr. Conlin, you're being absolutely ridiculous. Vinnia has no teaching abilities whatsoever."

"Says the woman who couldn't think of any warm-up exercises!" Casady shot back, without thinking.

"Well, I never!" Aretta exclaimed. "It's time you learn something, young man. What Aretta wants, Aretta gets."

"Not this time," Casady replied. Much to Aretta's obvious dismay, he turned and stalked from the room. He was surprised when the overbearing Songmaker did not follow him.

The End

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