Chapter 45 (Vinnia)Mature


Late, as always.

Slipping inconspicuously into the back row of benches that were arranged in the Songmakers' main room, Vinnia leaned back and let her body language show how disinterested she was in the meeting.

Every morning, while the trainees were eating breakfast, the Songmakers Force briefly to discuss topics of importance. Today, like every other day, Vinnia was ready to die of boredom. When will I finally get out of here?

"Don't you think, Vinnia?"

Aretta's voice broke through the silence and caught Vinnia by surprise. Raising her eyebrows, Vinnia crossed her arms. "Eh? What was that?"

Aretta rolled her eyes. "This is a prime example of what I've been talking about," she droned on in that obnoxious voice of hers. "We all must be on our guard constantly, ready to combat any signs of rebellion. Don't you agree?"

Standing and placing her hands on her hips, Vinnia opened her mouth to respond. Honestly, she had no idea what she was about to say, but something had to be said in order to embarrass Aretta. Anyways, Vinnia was known for being able to think on the fly. "I suppose we ought to squelch rebellion just like how you squelched the rebellion in Quinn, Aretta? With catty eyelashes and red lips?"

Vinnia's words caused the room to buzz with surprise. No, Vinnia had never been one for beating around the bush.

Crossing her arms, Aretta raised her eyebrows and laughed, as though Vinnia's comment amused her. However, Vinnia knew Aretta better than to be fooled by the fool's indifferent behavior. Behind the aforementioned eyelashes, Aretta's eyes flashed with silent anger. Vinnia did not feel threatened in the least. In fact, she only felt invigorated.

"Oh, pray tell, Aretta. How do you plan to squelch rebellion which does not even exist? Honestly, have you seen anyone who looks even remotely seditious? Everyone here would follow you to the death."

Standing a little more stiffly, Aretta delivered her blow. "Have you not forgotten that your own rebellion put you in disgrace, friend?"

"Disgrace, my foot. I didn't want to win, anyways."

Stop stirring rebellion, Vinnia. Sit down and don't cause any more problems.

"Vinnia Valdeza, there are many personal blows I could deliver to you. For example, the way you always wear long sleeves, or how your husband saw fit to abhor you, or how you - you, the most promising of all your cronies! - no longer sing for anyone."

"The most promising of all my cronies? It's quite interesting you'd say that, Aretta, seeing as you'd have counted yourself as one of them a few years ago."

"Enough!" Master Argos, the "ringmaster" of the Force, cut in. "Aretta, do not let one heckler distract you from your speech. Vinnia, have you no discretion?"

Insulted but trying not to show it, Vinnia shrugged as though Master Argos' words hadn't bothered her at all and sat.

From across the room, Aretta cast Vinnia a satisfied smile.

The End

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