Chapter 43 (Morgance)Mature


Morningtime found Morgance scrambling around, hastily preparing herself for breakfast. How could she have missed the alarm clock? One look at Lisha's empty bed told her all she needed to know. Lisha had purposely left her sleeping in bed.

And breakfast started ten minutes ago!

Well, the purple hair would have to remain tousled. Mascara and lipstain were all Morgance had time to apply before slipping into a simple black uniform.

Raking her fingers through her hair as she ran down the hallway, Morgance mentally prepared herself.

I will not Sing.

I will not lose my temper.

I will not listen to Vinnia.

And then, just for good measure, she repeated to herself: I will not Sing. Period.

Several attendants raised their eyebrows as Morgance passed them. They were carrying all manner of delicious breakfast food, from omelettes to pancakes to fruit cups to scrambled eggs. Morgance's stomach growled. She wondered if she'd be punished for arriving late.

Shoving open the door to the breakfast hall, Morgance let out a loud sigh. She was there. And so was the food. 

Realizing that her dramatic entrance had caused all those in the breakfast hall to look her way and snicker, Morgance's face burned with the most intense blush she had ever experienced. Making her way to the table where Rune and Casady and, of all people, Brookie sat, Morgance tried to ignore the stares that were sent her way.

You've got to control yourself better, Morgance. You've just got to.

Spinning her chair once before sitting down, Morgance raised her eyebrows at Brookie. "Why are you here?" she asked, well aware of her accusatory tone.

Brookie shifted uncomfortably.

"She doesn't really fit in with the others," Casady said after an awkward silence. "Rune and I invited her to sit here."

"Well, no offense, but you're not exactly welcome," Morgance replied. She picked up her place settings and stood up. "I don't want to sit by anyone who's associated with any of them."

Rune looked uncomfortable. "Morgance..."

"Are either of you coming with me?" Morgance asked, trying to sound as intimidating as possible.

Casady shook his head. "Morgance, you're overreacting."

Morgance turned to Rune. "Come on, Rune. I know you're on my side...aren't you?"

Shuddering visibly, Rune crossed his arms and looked away. "I don't know, Morgance. I've got my food and my drink all set up right here. Besides, I don't think you're being fair."

"So you're choosing Brookie over me?"

Rune looked even more uncomfortable. "Morgance, that's not what this is about."

"Well, fine. I'll go sit over there. All alone."

Sighing, Rune stood. "I guess I'll come with you," he muttered, casting a rueful glance at Casady and Brookie. "I'll see you guys later, then."

Lines were already being drawn.

The End

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