Chapter 38 (Rune)Mature


Rune had a hard time focusing on Morgance's words and not her undeniable prettiness. As he watched her speak, he found himself entranced by her lips and her smile and her voice and...

And Rune wondered what he voice sounded like when she sang. If she sang, which wasn't very likely, from the looks of things.

Morgance had been crying; that much was obvious from the red tear stains on her face. But what Morgance said about Vinnia took Rune by so much surprise that he momentarily forgot about what was upsetting Morgance. "You think Vinnia's riskier than Lisha?"

Nodding her head, Morgance crossed her arms. "Rune, I don't think we ought to have anything to do with Vinnia. I don't think we ought to listen to her at all. She's up to no good, that one is."

Chilled, Rune leaned a little closer. "What makes you think something like that?"

"Vinnia wants to use us for her own purposes."

Raising his eyebrows, Rune protested. "Isn't that what the Force wants us to do? Vinnia's our best bet for freedom. She doesn't want to play us, Morgance. She wants to help us in return for helping her. Doesn't freedom mean anything to you?"

Shocked by Rune's disagreement, Morgance stood. "People can hear what we're saying," she whispered to Rune, and Rune felt his face drain of color. Oh, no! What all had they heard?

"I changed my mind," Morgance said, deliberately enough that Rune could sense she was only saying the words for the benefit of those listening in. "Maybe you're right. Maybe we ought to listen to Vinnia. She's our head coach, after all. She knows more about music than you and I do."

"Yeah," Rune said, hoping their words were convincing enough. "That's what I've been meaning all along. Why don't you just Sing for them, Morgance?"

Morgance sighed, and Rune could tell she was still carrying on the charade in an effort to sway the listeners. "I don't know. I'm just not very good. I'm afraid I'll embarrass myself, I guess."

"That makes sense."

"Maybe someday I'll Sing, though," Morgance said, nervously twirling her thumbs.

After that, Rune and Morgance spoke of things that didn't really matter. Rune hoped their efforts had allayed any suspicions the listeners might have had, but he couldn't be too sure.

One thing, however, that Rune could be sure about...was that maybe Morgance was right about Vinnia.

Maybe Vinnia really wasn't as selfless as she appeared.

Maybe...maybe they ought to resist her ideas of reform. Or maybe they ought to pretend to go along with Vinnia...but go behind her back and betray her.

The possibilities were endless.

The End

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