Chapter 34 (Flashback)Mature

Ten Years Previous

Red-hot angry, Vinnia followed Quinn into Room 405. Quinn locked the door and whirled around to face Vinnia.

"Why were you talking to him?" Quinn demanded. "You had no right to talk to Allen Rillings! You had no right to look him in the eye!"

Vinnia didn't mask her anger. "You're acting like it's a crime to merely carry on a conversation with any other man than you!" she shot back. "And in any case, I saw that little bit of flirting you had going on with Aretta. She's my best friend, Quinn. I don't want to have to worry about what my best friend is doing with my boyfriend!"

"Oh, so you don't trust me, Vinnia?"

Still roiling from the direction the feast had taken, Vinnia tightened her jaw and tried not to explode. "Quinn," she said in a highly controlled tone, "You weren't just talking. I saw the way you looked at her."

"She was the one who initiated the conversation!" Quinn yelled, spittle flying.

Not convinced in the least, Vinnia tapped her foot on the floor. "I know Aretta better than that. She would never do anything to hurt me. She was the one who set you and me up, for crying out loud! You were the one who couldn't keep your eyes off her!"

"Can I help it that she's the prettiest woman in all the Force?"

Highly offended but trying not to show it, Vinnia shrugged. "Then I suppose it's safe to tell you that Allen Rillings is the most attractive man in the Force."

The next thing Vinnia knew was Quinn's heavy fists upon her, beating her as she screamed and fell against the wall. They never made contact with her body in places that wouldn't be able to be covered by clothing and cosmetics - no, even Quinn's abuse was always controlled by the rules of the Force. If anyone found out that Quinn abused Vinnia in every, things wouldn't look too good for either of them.

"I will have you," Quinn said, giving Vinnia one last shove. And then, he kissed her so forcefully that Vinnia knew what would come next.

When it was all over, Vinnia shivered against the wall, every fiber of her being aching with the pounding of her heartbeat. If only she could escape Quinn...but no, it was not to be. Not only was their relationship strategic, it was also safe. If Vinnia dared to leave Quinn, there would be no telling if he would let her keep her life or not.

Some even said that Vinnia Lee would end up marrying Quinn Valdeza.

The End

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