Chapter 33 (Morgance)Mature


"I wonder what's going on in there," Morgance said to Rune and Casady. "I can hear them talking, but I can't understand what they're saying."

"Just don't let them catch you with your ear to the door," Casady cautioned.

Smiling, Morgance winked at Rune. "I won't."

Blushing, Rune looked away.

It was cute, really, how much Rune admired Morgance. Blushing inwardly, Morgance stopped straining her ears to hear what was being said and instead focused on how cute Rune was. She could stare at him all day.

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, Morgance forced herself to listen to the words that were being exchanged on the other side of Vinnia's door. Perhaps she would understand Vinnia's strange behavior if she caught a few words.

Reaching across, Rune tapped Morgance's hand. "Do you hear anything?"

Skin burning from where Rune's hand had made contact with her own, Morgance shook her head. "It's a lost cause," she said. "We'll never know what's up with her."

"Don't give up just yet," Casady said encouragingly. "Besides, I'm sure that if what happened to Vinnia was going to affect us, she'd have told us about it."

Casady's logic made sense, but Morgance wasn't willing to admit it. For some reason, wallowing in worry was somehow enjoyable.

 "Do you think she'd talk if you sang, Morgance?" Rune asked.

The question caught Morgance off guard. "I'd thought about," Morgance admitted.

Casady was clearly trying to control his temper, but he asked in a highly deliberate tone, "Why don't you just sing, Morgance? It'd make things a whole lot easier."

Setting her shoulders back, Morgance ignored Casady's words and instead concentrated on eavesdropping.

Yet for all her shrugging the subject aside, Morgance couldn't deny a sense of guilt she felt in not singing for Vinnia. What if she really was endangering her friends? Was that even possible?

The door opened behind Morgance, and she fell back against the floor. Humiliated, she sat back up and tried to pretend as though nothing out of place had happened.

"Don't even think of an excuse to give me," Vinnia said. "I know you were eavesdropping. Come in."

Rune helped Morgance up. Normally, Morgance would have taken offense at such an act - You don't think I'm strong enough to handle these things on my own?! - but with Rune, it was different. Sweet, even. And that was saying alot for Morgance.

"Want some coffee?" Vinnia asked.

"Yeah!" Morgance immediately jumped on the offer. "I like it with lots of sugar, please. And one-third milk. And if you have any whipped cream to put on top, that'd be great."

Vinnia chuckled. "Want any coffee with that?" she teased.

Remarkable, how Vinnia could be depressed one moment and completely happied-up the next. 

Morgance had a feeling, however, that Vinnia was still just as sad on the inside as she'd been a few minutes ago.

Trace helped Vinnia with the coffee. Watching the two together made Morgance wonder if she and Rune would ever be an official couple. They probably would, what with the speed they were already taking things.

"So," Vinnia said, once the coffee had been passed out. "Do you want to know what's up?"

The End

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