Chapter 27 (Casady)Mature


Meanwhile, Casady was experiencing the most unstimulating event of his entire existence.

Forced to listen to the most monotone of speakers drone on and on about the young history of the Force and why the Force was so important to mankind and how the Force had overcome incredible obstacles in order to become so powerful and how the Force was the most incredible of experiences for young adults and how the Force offered opportunities none of them could even imagine...well, needless to say, Casady was bored out of his mind.

Looking over at the rest of his group, Casady was surprised to find that while Oliver, Malcus, Delancey, and Lisha could not have looked more intrigued by the speakers, Brookie had the same bored expression on her face - the same look that Casady, Rune, and Morgane all had.

Could Brookie be an ally?


Leaning over to whisper to Rune, Casady felt someone's eyes on him. He got the eerie feeling that perhaps cameras were trained on him, even right then. Deciding against saying anything rebellious to his comrade, in case the cameramen could lipread, Casady leaned back into his chair and tried to look as though he'd only been stretching.

The sound of a slamming door jolted Casady from his inward worries. Turning to see what had happened, Casady was both amused and worried to see Vinnia exit the Songmakers room.

"What's happening?" Morgance whispered, an excited gleam entering her eyes.

"I don't know," Casady said slowly. "I wonder if we could - "

But Rune, of all people, was already one step ahead of them. "I'll go see what's up," he said. "It's got to be more interesting than this speech, anyways."

Knowing that one person leaving the room was far less suspicious than three, Casady was game for Rune's plan. Morgance, however, looked as though she wanted to protest. To her credit, though, she remained silent.

Rune stood and left the room, under the pretense of needing to use the restroom.

Anxious to hear what was going on, Casady bounced his foot impatiently, something that wasn't normally an attribute of his. 

Several minutes passed.

Rune still hadn't returned.

Casady was getting worried.

The End

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