Chapter 23 (Casady)Mature


Casady sat down beside Rune and Morgance, who had moved to a different part of the room. Sitting on the floor wasn't particularly comfortable, but at least it kept Morgance from getting into any fights. 

"Morgance," Casady said slowly, "You've got to keep yourself from constantly causing problems."

Sighing superiorly, Morgance rolled her eyes. "I will be whoever I want to be, and nobody else," she muttered.

"Yeah, well, we associate with you. You might get us into trouble," Casady reasoned, trying to get through to Morgance. "I'm not being selfish by saying so, Morgance. It's not too much to ask you to control your tongue and your actions."

"I think we need to separate ourselves."

Casady turned to Rune. "What do you mean?"

"I think we need to draw a line between ourselves and the rest of the students. If we really want our voices to be heard, then we have to be different. We can't be made of the same stuff. Besides, we all know that we're different in at least one way: we remember vague glimpses of our pasts."

Morgance had been nodding the entire time that Rune had been speaking. "He's right, Cass," she said. "We need to prove that there's something unique about the three of us."

"I just don't think we have to put ourselves in harm's way, just to prove that we're different," Casady said, but he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

"Listen, Casady. I'm scared, too. But the fact is, we have to use what we've been given. We're obviously unique for a purpose. Why not find out what that purpose is?"

Casady was afraid to admit that Rune was right.

"And anyways," Morgance said, "Vinnia recognizes what's special about us, too. I doubt she'd want us to dumb ourselves down."

"Being civil isn't 'dumbing ourselves down,' Morgance."

"The more time you spend with somebody, the more you act like them," Morgance retorted, and Casady could tell her nerves were rising. "If we hang out with the rest of our group, then who knows? Maybe we'll lose sight of who we really are."

"We need to talk to Vinnia," Rune said. He sighed. "I wish our schedules weren't so busy. I'd like to have some time, just the four of us. I think if anyone's our ally, then she is."

A voice had begun to boom over the loudspeakers, so the conversation was cut short. Still, Casady could not deny the sense of foreboding that was rising within him. Perhaps he, Rune, and Morgance were meant to be separated from the rest...but wouldn't that be dangerous?

Yes, there would certainly be a price to pay. Yet not even Casady knew how grave the price would be. 

The End

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