Chapter 19 (Casady)Mature


"Tonight, we're supposed to get to the meeting hall at 4:30 and get to know the others in our Singing group," Casady said, picking through the chest of drawers in the room. He laughed. "Hey, Rune - what would you do if I put on some of this bright red eyeliner?"

"Laugh outwardly, but inwardly, promise myself that I'd never associate with you again," Rune replied jovially. "Seriously, though. Red eyeliner? Wouldn't that make you look like an exhausted elf or something?"

"Exhausted elf," Casady laughed, rolling his eyes.

"No, seriously. Do they expect us to actually wear this stuff?" Rune held up a neon pink scarf. "I don't even think Morgance would wear something like this!"

"If you dared me, I'd wear the red eyeliner and the pink scarf," Casady said, eyes twinkling.

"You wouldn't," Rune snorted, rolling his eyes.

"Don't tempt me," Casady said, holding the scarf up to his neck. "Looks pretty snazzy, wouldn't you say? Might make all the girls go crazy for me." He penciled a bit of the eyeliner onto his fingertip. "Yep, just as red as I thought it'd be. Should I do it?"

"You're crazy," Rune said. He nodded toward the door. "We should probably get going. We've only got a few minutes left."

"A few minutes?! I'm nowhere near being ready!"

"That's because you're so vain," Rune teased. "Seriously, though, you've got to step it up. I'd hate to be late to one of our first meetings."

Casady was about to remark about the chemistry he'd seen going on between his roommate and Morgance, then thought better of it. He hardly knew Rune; how could he pry into Rune's personal business? Still, he found the attraction between Morgance and Rune to be somewhat dissatisfying. He liked Morgance quite a bit, but what if her refusals to cooperate brought them all down? What would they do then?

Troubled, Casady set aside the make-up and scarf and chose a tux, instead. A white tux with a dark green tie.

"Somebody's dressing up," Rune remarked.

"Ah, you know me. Gotta make 'em ladies drool," Casady said with a chuckle. Honestly, though, he wondered if he'd been a bit of a ladies' man in the past. He didn't know why he wondered that; he just did.

The thought of Aretta's flirtation popped up in Casady's mind, and he shuddered. How disgusting.

"You ready to go?" Rune asked, hand on the doorknob. "We're already a few minutes late, as it is."

 "Ready," Casady responded, and Rune opened the door.

They walked out into the hallway.

The End

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