Chapter 16 (Morgance)Mature


Morgance and Rune found themselves ushered into Vinnia's Singing room again.

"Just so you know, I could hear you plainly from where I was sitting," Vinnia said, raising her eyebrows. "You might try to talk a little more quietly next time."

"We were practically whispering," Morgance said.

"The point is, I don't think you should so openly discuss your memories," Vinnia replied. "If people find out that the brainwashing wasn't entirely successful, then all your potential is gone."

"Potential? What potential?" Rune asked.

Morgance was momentarily distracted. There was something so rich and pleasant about Rune's voice, something that made Morgance's soul stir. Was it possible to start falling someone after knowing them for only a few short days? Apparently, it was, because she was.

Vinnia had been watching Morgance, and a knowing light flickered in her eyes. Blushing, Morgance looked away. I hate how perceptive she is, Morgance inwardly fumed. I'd be able to get away with alot more if she didn't have such good intuition.

"Your potential as movers and shakers," Vinnia said, as though Rune and Morgance should have caught on to this fact long ago.

"I don't want to be a mover or a shaker," Morgance retorted, crossing her arms. "You're not going to automatically sign me up for anything without my permission."

"Morgance, you signed yourself up the moment you admitted you'd feel mad it I told you that you were inadequate."

"I didn't know I was signing up for anything when I said that!"

"The point is, most people's emotions are disabled along with their brainwashing. By disabled, I don't mean they can't feel emotions - I just mean that their emotions are fuzzy and distant. The fact that you two and that other fellow - Casady, if I remember correctly - " here, Rune nodded to support Vinnia's knowledge - "knew right away what you'd feel."

There was a long silence, during which Morgance's mind whirled. She suddenly remembered something. "When you pinned me down for attacking you, you said something about having to survive on the streets for almost half your life. How do you remember that? Are you different, too?"

"That's a long and complicated story that I don't need to get into," Vinnia said. She leaned forward. "I trust you won't say anything about it."

"And if we do?" Morgance tested.

"You won't," Vinnia replied.

Well, it was true. Somehow, Morgance didn't want to reveal Vinnia's words to anyone else. Could it be that she saw Vinnia as somewhat of an ally? Surely not!

But possibly so.

The End

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