Chapter 12 (Morgance)Mature


"This food is disgusting! Is this what you actually force your Singers to eat? Because I declare, it's the nastiest stuff I have ever tasted!" Morgance exclaimed, not caring who heard.

"Morgance..." said Casady, warning in his voice.

Still disgusted by the pathetic excuse for oatmeal, Morgance stirred the goop in her bowl and scowled. "For Pete's sake, you'd think they could at least afford some brown sugar to go with this! I always eat my oatmeal with brown sugar!" 

Rune's fork stopped halfway to his mouth, a piece of gross ham still attached to it. "What did you say?"

"I said that I always eat my oatmeal with brown sugar! Is that too hard to believe?"

Casady and Rune shared a glance. Casady finally spoke. "How can you remember that, Morgance? That you've always taken brown sugar with oatmeal? This is our first breakfast here."

A chill swept over Morgance.

How do I know that?

Suddenly subdued, Morgance racked her brain for any other memory she might have had of the other life. Nope, still as brainwashed as ever. But wasn't it strange that she was able to recall such a strange detail, when nobody could even remember their own name?

"I wonder what our placements will be like," Casady said, changing the subject. The incident of Morgance's memory was instantly wiped from their minds as they began to discuss placements and Singing.

"Strange thing is, I can't even remember what my own voice sounds like when I Sing," Rune admitted. "I probably have a low voice, since my speaking voice is already low."

"You probably have a good voice," Morgance said, which caused Rune to blush. For some reason, the sight of Rune blushing made Morgance's heart do a little fillip.

Casady watched and smirked. Morgance felt like wiping that smug smile off his face, but doing so would only confirm Casady's suspicions.

Yes, Morgance found Rune to be very attractive. And yes, she was quite afraid to admit it.

Within minutes, a very collected Vinnia walked into the room. Her tardiness didn't come as a surprise to Morgance. She got the feeling that her Singers' trainer would never do anything the way it was supposed to be done. Morgance watched as Vinnia carefully measured out portions for her breakfast. On her way to her designated table, however, Vinnia stopped to speak with the trio.

"Whatever you do," Vinnia said so quietly that Morgance could hardly hear her, "Do not show emotion."

And with that, Vinnia was gone.

Morgance had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach.

The End

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