Chapter 10 (Casady)Mature


After receiving instructions for the following day - to wake up at 5:55, arrive at breakfast at 6:20, then proceed to sing for placements, Casady leaned back in his chair while everyone else got up to retire to their dormitories. He intended to wait until he could speak with Vinnia alone.

Morgance and Rune apparently had the same idea as well, though nobody spoke it aloud. Once Lisha, Brookie, Delancey, Oliver, and Malcus had exited, the three stood and made their way over to the officials' table.

"I'd like to speak with Vinnia," Casady said when he realized that both Rune and Morgance had fallen silent. "Actually, we all would." He glanced over the table and met Vinnia's eyes. "Alone."

Vinnia stood. "Alright," she said, her voice unmoving.

Making their way into a more private section of the room, the trio and their trainer did not speak until they were alone.

"What was the meaning behind the question about feeling?" Casady asked, once they were out of earshot.

Vinnia crossed her arms and looked over at the officials' table. Though she did not say anything, Casady understood the words she did not need to say: Not in the same room as them. 

"Is there a better room we can meet in?" Morgance asked in a low voice.

"No; they'll just know that we're talking about something we don't want them to hear," Vinnia said, speaking at last, albeit quietly and reservedly.

"Don't they trust you?" Rune inquired.

Vinnia stiffened ever so slightly, and she shook her head. "No," she said, but the response only brought about more questions in Casady's mind. Why not? he wanted to ask.

"Can we meet early tomorrow?" Rune asked, and Casady was surprised that Rune would ask two questions in a row. 

"Early tomorrow? As if 6:20 isn't early enough!" Morgance exclaimed rather loudly. The officials turned their heads to see what was going on.

"I swear, they watch our every move. If they find we've been meeting - "

"So there is a purpose behind your question," Casady interrupted.

Vinnia looked Casady right in the eyes and nodded. A chill was sent down Casady's spine, and he looked away nervously. What was it about Vinnia that made him so nervous? Looking at Morgance and Rune, he could tell they felt the same.

"We'll talk later," Vinnia said, and she left them.

Casady shared a long look with Rune and Morgance.

The End

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