Chapter 8 (Vinnia)Mature


Vinnia watched the three loners file through the food line, taking note of the way they interacted with one another. The blonde-haired boy was friendly and chivalrous; the shorter boy, quiet and sensitive; the purple-haired girl, fiery and confident. They were an odd trio.

But since when had the chosen ones ever been normal?

Running her finger along the rim of her glass, Vinnia felt the other three Songmakers Force officials' eyes boring into her. Frustrated by their shallowness, Vinnia refused to join in on their gossip. No, she was too busy studying the three most promising students she'd seen in years. Which really wasn't saying all that much, since most of her students were dull and mindless.

Yet these three had expressed emotion. That was something hard to come by those days, especially since the Force worked hard to iron out every emotion the students harbored. Emotions were seen as dangerous to the Force's ambitions.

Vinnia hadn't realized how much her thoughts had riled her until she looked down and saw her hand clutching the table so hard that her knuckles had turned white. Slightly embarrassed, but an expert at not showing it, Vinnia removed her hand from the table and pretended to smooth out a nonexistent wrinkle in her dress.

Standing, Vinnia was the first of the officials to enter the food line. She selected her food - the perfect amount to maintain a healthy diet. Because of the pettiness of the Force, it was important to be thin, but weight loss often resulted in voice fluctuation. 

Anyways, part of the bargain had been that Vinnia would remain a certain weight. Obnoxious as it was, it was the only way...

Retaking her seat, Vinnia glanced over to where the trio was talking and eating. She smiled. The purple-haired girl had a rather generous amount of food on her plate and didn't seem to mind the fact that all the other girls were taking ridiculously tiny portions. No, this girl had a mind of her own.

And the Force would try to steal it.

But I cannot let that happen, Vinnia thought to herself. I will not let it happen. They are here for a reason, and I intend to find out what it is.

Vinnia closed her eyes. Even if it kills me.

The End

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