Chapter 6 (Casady)Mature


"Here we are," Casady said to Rune. "You ready?"

Rune appeared nervous, though Casady could tell he was trying not to show it. "Ready as I'll ever be," Casady's roommate responded as the two entered Room 1124.

5:45. The two were right on time. Trying not to let his appearance betray his frayed nerves, Casady glanced around the room. He and Rune appeared to be the last trainees to arrive, but he didn't see their Head Singers' Trainer anywhere. There were three tables, each with four place settings. Shrugging aside his anxiety, Casady spotted a table where only the purple-haired girl was sitting. 

"All alone, are we?" Casady asked, tossing a wink at the girl.

"Only a few hours, and already my roommate hates me so much that she pulled her chair over to the other table," the girl replied, rolling her eyes. "I'm Morgance Estella."

"Casady Conlin," Casady said, pulling out his chair and sitting down. "This is my roomie, Rune Pipher."

Rune smiled and nodded at Morgance. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Yeah, yeah," said Morgance, but Casady could see she was blushing a bit. 

Trying to carry on a conversation that would interest Morgance, Casady asked, "So who are all the other people at the other table? Other than your roommate, have you met any of them yet?"

Morgance squinted, trying to remember names. "My roommate is the pathetic blonde with a ridiculous amount of make-up plastered onto her face," she said, nodding toward a girl with mile-high hair. "Her name's Lisha. Then the girl right next to her is Brookie, and the next girl is Delancey. The guy with the darkest complexion is Oliver, and the pasty-faced dude is Malcus."

 "How do you know all this already?" Rune asked, then immediately seemed to regret speaking. Casady decided his roommate was the most insecure person he'd ever known. Well, that wasn't saying much, considering Casady didn't remember anyone besides those he'd met after joining the Force. Everyone else had been erased from his mind.

"I made my rounds before deciding they're all a bunch of buzzards," Morgance said, rolling her eyes.

Morgance's tone was so matter-of-fact that both Casady and Rune couldn't help but laugh. Indeed, all the Singers who sat at the other table didn't really seem to be friendly folk. Granted, Morgance wasn't exactly a peach, but she wasn't mean-hearted.

5:51. Where was Vinnia Valdeza?

The End

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