Chapter 4 (Morgance)Mature


There was a small make-up kit in the bathroom, but Morgance's roommate was hogging it. Rather impatient, Morgance tapped the heels of her feet on the floor and drummed her fingers on the bed. 

At long last, Morgance's roommate walked out of the bathroom. "All yours," she said in a rather sullen voice.

It occurred to Morgance that she hadn't even asked what the girl's name was.

"I'm Morgance Estella. I'm eighteen," Morgance said, stretching out her hand for her roommate to shake.

"I'm Lisha Orbit, and I don't shake hands," the girl said with an annoying smile. "It's not sanitary."

Oh, great. What kind of a roommate have I been landed with?

"Fine, then. Don't shake my hand," Morgance grumbled, very irked. Tossing her purple hair behind her shoulder, Morgance strode into the bathroom and began to apply foundation. "Just so you know, I hate being your roommate just as much as you hate being mine."

Lisha snorted. "Hurry up. I have to use the bathroom."

"You were just in the bathroom!"

"So what? I can't help it when my bladder is full!"

Anger rose within Morgance. "Funny, because I thought you'd be smarter than to fit into the typical blonde stereotype! But no-o-o, you're just as stupid as all those other blondes in the blonde jokes. You've heard 'em, right? Or maybe you're so dumb that you wouldn't understand them, anyways!"

Before Lisha could respond, however, a voice sounded in their room. "Singers, do not argue," said a strangely automated-sounding voice that startled both Morgance and Lisha.

"That was weird," Lisha muttered, and Morgance cast her a look.

I'm not finished being angry with you, you snotty little birdbrain! Morgance fumed inwardly.

"Just so you know, though," Lisha whispered, "purple hair is much worse than blonde."

"I honestly don't care what you think," Morgance growled.

"Singers..." the automated voice said again, warning in its tone.

"I guess that's our cue to get along," Lisha muttered, shrugging and picking through her set of drawers to find an outfit she liked.

Rolling her eyes, Morgance went back to applying her make-up. Within an hour, her make-up was added, a smooth black dress was put on, and her hair was prettily plaited.

Morgance glanced at the clock. 5:35. She opened the door and began to walk to Room 1124.

Well, here I go.

The End

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