Chapter 2 (Morgance)Mature


The boy who had been watching Morgance from across the room shifted his eyes elsewhere, and it was then that Morgance realized that the Singers' trainers were holding up big signs that were made of one solid color. It suddenly dawned on Morgance that the color of bracelet she was wearing designated which group she belonged to.

Morgance didn't know how she knew it...She just did.

The bracelet had been strapped to Morgance's wrist after she'd come out of surgery. The surgery had, of course, brainwashed her. Wiped her memory all away. But for some reason, it didn't really bother her. In fact, it seemed rather exciting to belong to the Songmakers Force, even though it had exploited her of her mind.

Well, Morgance had a purple bracelet, one that matched her hair color. Glancing across the room, Morgance saw that the boy she'd locked eyes with also had a purple bracelet. Maybe that was a good thing. Maybe the two of them could become kindred spirits, after all.

Spotting her Singers' trainer, who was holding a purple sign, Morgance made her way over to her group.

The Singers' trainer immediately struck Morgance as the type of person who would be extremely hard to get to know. With silver hair that fell to her waist, brilliant blue eyes, and skin that was so fair it was almost ghost-white, the trainer surveyed her trainees.

Morgance did the same. Looking around the purple group, Morgance noticed a rather handsome young man who was short, if not stocky. He, too, seemed like a nice person to know. Morgance made a mental note to talk to him and the first boy as soon as she got the chance.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen," said the trainer, raising her eyebrows, "I suppose I ought to tell you my name. I'm Vinnia Valdeza. As you might have guessed, I'm your Singers' trainer." She paused. "Now that you know which group you belong to, I'll give you a quick set of instructions. You're to report to room 1124 - just a few rooms back - by tonight at 5:45, when our group is scheduled to have dinner. Until 5:45, you all will retire to your rooms and prepare yourselves for orientation. Do you understand?"

"Room 1124," Morgance muttered under her breath. "Got it."

And with that, the Singers were dismissed to go to their own rooms.

The End

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