Chapter 1 (Casady)Mature


Casady walked down the hallway, searching for room 1128. Glancing down at the map in his hands, Casady refreshed his memory. He had to take this hallway down to the very end. Room 1128 would be there. Once he got there, he would join all the other newcomers to learn which group he would belong to.

Shuddering, Casady surveyed the building around him. The walls were white, the ceiling was white, the doors were white, the floor was white - goodness, even the doorknobs were white!

The entire place struck Casady as mysterious and foreboding. Even worse was the knowledge that he was misplaced. Sure, he now belonged to the Songmakers Force, but something about it felt all wrong. Something about it made him want to turn and run.

Yet that was not an option. If the Songmakers had made anything clear, it was that Casady had to remain a part of their force. Otherwise...

Otherwise, terrible things would happen.

The fact that Casady was still groggy from surgery didn't help at all. Just hours before, he'd undergone a surgery that had depleted his mind of all his memory. He'd been stripped of his identity. 

But for some reason, the knowledge that Casady couldn't remember anything about his didn't really matter. He found himself uncaring that he didn't know his real name. For some reason, the only thing that really seemed to matter was room 1128. Everything else seemed less important.

The idea that Casady had experienced something similar to this before - something similar to the all-white surroundings and the eerie quietness - niggled at the back of Casady's brain. Yet he refused to let himself be bothered. After all, if what everyone said was right, then wasn't it an honor to be chosen by the Songmakers Force as one of their Singers? Shouldn't he be thrilled to be a part of this movement?

Finally finding room 1128, Casady stared at the sign on the door. It read all the names of the newcomers. And there was his name - Casady Conlin, age 22.

Of course, all that information was probably bogus. Casady's name wasn't really Casady, and he probably wasn't 22, either. But it didn't really seem to matter.

Pushing open the door, Casady found himself among many other newcomers. They all looked like how he felt: confused, eager, yet somehow still apathetic. 

One girl in particular caught Casady's eye. She was short, curvy, and had bright purple hair. Something about her made Casady feel more comfortable. Maybe she would turn out to be a kindred spirit.

A voice belted out over the loudspeaker. "Ladies and gentlemen, the Songmakers Force welcomes you to the first of many gatherings!"

The whole place exploded with applause. Casady joined in, since it seemed like the most appropriate action.

With that, all apprehension was swept from Casady's mind.

The End

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