They Forced Me to SingMature

It's an underground community.
The Songmakers Force specializes in selling a commodity most unheard of: Song.
Casady Conlin, Rune Pipher, and Morgance Estella are three young adults, kidnaped and trained by the Songmakers Force to be the best Singers history has ever know. Brainwashed and given new identities, the three Singers are about to embark on a journey of peril and tragedy, of self-discovery and triumph.


Nine Years Previous

"We're giving you a choice. You ought to be grateful. Most people are killed without any option for their punishment."

The criminal didn't respond.

"You have an excellent voice, Singer. To rid the Songmakers Force of your vocals would be a decision most foolish. So we don't want to kill you. Unfortunately,  you seem most unwilling to cooperate with us. You are being given a choice."

The tension in the air grew.

"But your actions cannot go unpunished. Your first option is to serve us the rest of your life, Singing and teaching Song and being a generally agreeable citizen. You will be allowed to visit your family once a year. They will be kept in a comfortable but simple prison cell. We do realize, however, that this option will be repulsive to you, so we're giving you one other choice."

Before the second option could be announced, the criminal spat out, "I will never Sing for you again!"

"We thought you'd say that. You have one other option: be killed, and have your family in the torture chambers for the rest of their lives."

Silence fell.

"You intend to break my will?" the criminal ventured to ask.

"Not at all. As previously expressed, you have a choice." An evil smile stretched across the interrogator's lips.

"I choose the first option." The criminal stood and made a move to walk away. Before exiting, however, one last sentence was uttered. "I swear, every day for the rest of my life, I will mock you in my heart."

"You are free to leave, Singer."

The End

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