What is happening?

The girl from the crowd was staring at me in a strange way. She was the same-ish height as me as well with long brown hair in a ponytail. At the same time that this was happening the man in the coat had begun to walk towards the demon, the light surrounding his hands elongating into a katana while we watched. So I decided to do another Hero thing and run, this time at the thing. It had obviously heard me, and so decided to see what was happening.

 When the guy in the coat noticed me running at the demon and the demon turning to face me he started to run. The demon finally noticed the man running at him and threw the boy to one side smiling a predator’s grin. He then laughed out loud and said “At last some fun, I thought that this place was just low pressure souls”. At this the man appeared to get angry and said “so all those friends of mine were just ‘low pressure souls’? You make me sick”. The demon just laughed at him. By this time I had stopped running and was trying to work out what was going on. At the moment I stopped I felt a tug on my arm, it was the girl, she was trying to drag me away.

 “Are you trying to get killed?” she hissed at me “that thing would wipe you out in a moment. One of them almost did it to me”. I looked at her in confusion and finally managed to ask her “what”? In answer she pointed to her friend who was just sitting on the side staring into space and said. “That, you end up loosing a part of your soul, all that happened to me was that I grew and could see them”. She paused then said “then how come you don’t know what they are and what they can do if you can see them”? I just said that I didn’t know anything and this was the first time I had seen one. In response she suddenly looked like she was at a funeral, which I soon realised she almost was. “Then this is when you are going to die, or at least loose part of your soul like me or my friend. I had hoped that you knew what this was all about, and if you knew how to get her back to normal”. She just sighed again “I don’t actual know her, I just found her like she is and am trying to get her back to normal”. Then she turned to look at the fight that was happening.

The End

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