I meet the imigration oficer from hell

I’m walking by the waterfront, my name is Eruantion, as for why I’m by the waterfront, I always am… It’s where I go to be happy, and no, I don’t take drugs there. It’s a cool day, near sunset with the sky going purple and gold in the distance, it is a good day. So I’m walking along in my very happy, very spaced out way when I almost walk into a man, he is tall, that’s about all I can say about him.

It is only when I have walked past him that I notice what he is doing. He is shaking a small Asian boy of about ten, literally holding him in the air. This wasn’t that strange, but it was the first I had seen, so I asked him what he was doing he looked at me, his face as black as thunder and growled “None of your business you puny little mortal”. So I did the heroic thing, and just walked on by. After a couple of seconds I realised what he had said and turned round to ask him what he meant, He wasn’t there.

Or at least the man that I was looking for wasn’t there, it was a demon thing that was transparent, hard to see, floating and what’s more had a tail. The only other strange thing about him was that so far only four people in the crowd found this strange, or, at the very least see him: me, the child hat he was holding, a girl who was with her friend and a strange man that looked like Neo from the matrix, just with a sword instead of the guns, like the demon only the same four people could see him. That was it. Apart from the transparency, the floating oh and did I forget the tail?

The other thing was the girl looked like this was an everyday occurrence. Also the man's hands were glowing a dark, scary, blue  


The End

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