They call him Rion

A new story, might not be that good as only miy first chapters so far have been any good
Help from the outside is welcome,
may turn this into a colabif all go's pearshaped

There was a boy sitting in a clearing in a forest out there somewhere. He appears to be peaceful, happy and almost oblivious to the world around him. He looks normal… normal-ish. He is tall for his 16 years of age, 6ft 2inches; he has blue hair about three inches long and constantly messy, is fair skinned. His eyes though are strange, a silvery colour with black flecks in there are only two more noticeable things about him and one about his surroundings. For a start he has horns, not the devil horns but ivory ones sticking diagonally backward from just above his ears, near the temples. There is also the fact that he is floating above the air, but more importantly there is his name, Eruantion, later to be known as Rion he who dances in the sky. A minor few facts that you might need; he is an elf, and he is blind, in a way, how, I will get on to later.  

As Eruantion was thinking, two people entered the clearing at a run. Probably he thought, to get to the tree stumps like the one he was sitting, actually, floating on. When they saw him they sighed out loud. They were almost identical but for a colour difference in their hair and the style they kept it in. one had black hair and kept it in a plait, the other brown, she kept it in a ponytail. They were both tall and graceful, as only elves could be. After their sigh they started complaining at the same time. “Will you two be quiet and then complain, one at a time please.” Eruantion said “you will end up giving me a headache like that”.
“But we wanted to practice in here” said the first elf.
“Yeh, why can’t you go somewhere else to practice” agreed the second elf. Eruantion just sighed and then said “This is a sacred grove for the main purpose of meditation, not” he glared at the pair “for vain and competitive elves to play my energy field is bigger than your energy field” He then looked at his watch and gave in and said “go ahead, you don’t have enough time to wreak the clearing, or at least just yet” He then walked out waving goodbye two the two elves Earwen and Caladwen, later to be known as mistress of the sea and she who is light.

 But enough of that this was met to be the intro, so I had better start from the beginning, it all started with a demon migration officer.


The End

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