They Autum Tree

Its about a girl who finds a tree and a secret....... that changes the her world

 ok so its monday right.

Another night of moms drinking and another night of  dad and mom screaming like each other and the outside happy families.

Sometimes i wish i had a sister maybe this wouldn't be happening but then again i remember another sibling because i would probably be the parent more then a sister anyway.

you probably think this the classic case of a girl oh my parents are terrible it all happened five years ago when mom start smoking pot i didn't notice at first but then she stopped going to work,dad well he felt guilty because he had an affair with my old babysitter megan a blonde college drop out but i really don't care because honestly they don't care about me.I was a miistake pregnant at 16 mom and dad got hitched because grandad said if he didn't marry my mom he would shoot him. I think he was serious,you are probably thinking how does she know this? well mom told me when she was high another surprise i was only ten its so nice to be told that at that age but  i only figured it out until we had the talk when i was okay i was amistake thats ok most kids are wrong for me I'm a burden .When i hit eighteen i'm out of here for good the only thing i will miss is my tree.

The End

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