In the Wall was a large black gate. It was difficult to tell what the gate was made of, only that it was solid, It could have been wood, metal, or something else entirely. There was no ignoring The-World-On-The-Other-Side-Of-The-Wall anymore. It was an open invitation.

They only picked the best to go on the other side, so, in order to get in, I needed to be the best. They'd set up a training camp in a large open space near the wall, where they'd taken samples of the mist and released them inside a tent, where it changed the maze-like training course into something similar to that on the other side. All they did was run children through it. Day after Day, they sent kids in, and they'd be there from just after breakfast to near dinnertime. Nights were spent in cabins. It was like a summer camp, except for the activity.

I joined this camp soon after it opened and after a hearty breakfast, a small group of brave kids, including me, were sent inside the training tent.

The inside of the tent was dark, what light there was, was cold and silver, it came from near the floor, and was dim. I stepped forward carefully, when a large ax came swinging down not 2 inches from my face.

"Think fast." Said a girl, her hair seemed white in this light, jumping nimbly over the ax and deep into the maze. I tried to follow her, but as I rounded a corner I came across an intersection and I couldnt see where she'd gone. I forged ahead and fought my way through countless traps and creatures.  I'd found a weapon, a knife, made of a glasslike material, that seemed to do a lot of damage to the monsters, and was even effective against the traps. It cut through nearly everything without breaking.

Before too long though, the top of the tent opened up, and a rope descended towards me, I grabbed it and it pulled me out of the maze. Dinner time already.

During roll call that evening, I looked for the girl. She didnt seem to be there, and when a name was called and there was no answer, my worries were confirmed. She'd had gone missing.

The End

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