How I Come In

Once Rubik had established himself, he lured others in with promises od magic and Power and excitement. All they had to do was open the spout under the window and drink the Power. People changed that day, becoming strange, sinister. After about twenty people joined Rubik in the world, the spout vanished.

I watched my own brother drink his drop and change. He vanished into the world-on-the-other-side-of-the-wall, never to return. That was the day before I was to start school. He’d been twelve; I was five. Five years old and watching my brother turn into a stranger and vanish, taking the way in with him, for he’d been the last. I ran forward to the spot where he’d vanished and pounded on the wall with my fists until our nanny came a dragged me away for home and a bath and bed.


After that day, I started school and forgot about the world-on-the-other-side-of-the-wall. That is, until the Officials got a message from Rubik. The message came ten years after Rubik had lured in his followers, and was the most terrifying thing that anyone had ever experienced since that time. It consisted of two words booming across the entire East Side.

“Come in.”

The End

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