Rubik was only a child when he saw the window. Looked through it to the world-on-the-other-side-of-the-wall. Saw it’s dimly lit, empty streets and was interested. As Rubik stared, a small spout beneath the window turned its tap and a tiny glob of silvery-white, glowing 'something' floated out. Grabbing it as he would grab a floating dandelion seed, he quickly popped it into his mouth and swallowed it, not knowing what else to do with it.

Very quickly, the boy began to change. For the 'something' was Power, and it was never supposed to be ingested, only directed with the hands and the mind. The Power inside Rubik quickly got into every cell in his body, it made him stronger, made him taller, and older, until there was no longer a child kneeling by the little window and spout.

This new man bore little resemblance to the boy who had looked through the window. His eyes were silver, hard and cold, his clothes were dark, a robe, lined in silver over a black shirt and pants, with boots to match. One moment the man was standing looking at himself, and then he vanished, pulled into the world-on-the-other-side-of-the-wall.

The End

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