these thoughts will take me away

a travel to another dimension

"Luckily i'm in this land should be hoping the same thing, I see..." The life challenger threatened against the victims will...thus, making him the victim.

"you're a witty man, that's for sure. stop tugging at my heel!!!" he yelled to a younger guard at his die."

Suddenly a loud ringing noise took over the palace...And they all realized that this is what it was was life.....bursts of happiness with long droughts of pain....this will be my future...this is what life has for me....

"now i know how dr seuss made those crazy rhymes...he was high he was high he was high...." the final answers came to the victim, as he finally figured out a question he had been searching for since childhood "how did dr seuss hypnotize me so? who are these people, and why don't i know?"

oh what a genious brother i had, coming from the dr seuss generation....

he was my favorite brother. no one else loved him anyway, he was mine, all mine!

we were best of friends, i pushed him into every rhyme!!!

it was me who lead to his death by pronoun

leave me alone, school vacbulario!!!!

"But I think I'm being killed by these bursts of evil"

"no no, thats just for appeal...i really wouldnt hurt a fly"

At that moment, a little fruit fly crawled out of the corner, and quickly a fly swatter came down on it hard....oooohhhh.....hahahaha....good one, me.

He suddenly heard the sighs of laughter from next door....they all knew him, they all knew him...he had to run or they'd look right through him....that was definitely not happening....dammit i could have gotten so much more if the rays from the song didnt interfer...


but i'm coming down now for a landing...grab me, grab me!!!!"

i'm lost in space forever.



The End

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