Boys will be Boys.Mature

"I actually can't believe you've done this guys." I said, trying to sound like it was a bad thing, but the grin starting to spread across my face like a breakout of herpes was hardly passive.

"You KNOW you were gonna do that!" Jord replied, and Henry laughed along with him. I couldn't disagree. Then, my phone buzzed in my hand, and Megadeth's 'Holy Wars' blared out and echoed around the kitchen. I cautiously flicked my phone open and read the text enclosed, whilst the two guys heads leered over the side of the table. Half a minute later, yes I'm a slow reader, my smile widened more than humanely possible.

"WHAT!" Jord screamed, and I nearly dropped the friggin' thing whilst agreeing to her wishes.

"She wants to go out, to somewhere called, Princes Ave? Cause there's some bands and stuff on and that?" At that point Zelda, Steve, and Nick walked in, and Nick went to the fridge.

"NICKAYY!" Jord yelled at him; he jumped and dropped the bottle he'd taken out.


"Jord why are you doing that?" I laughed, picking it up and lobbing it back at him.

"Cause I'm cool. So what time you meeting this bird?"

The rooms atmosphere suddenly became so awkward, even the tumblweed left. Steve pretended to not be interested, but his lack of hair made it easy to see his ears pricking. Zelda nudged him to leave the room, so he picked up the first thing on the counter, which was a pack of biscuits, and left again. Zelda shot me a sly smile and left also.  Nick on the other hand, wasn't as tactful, and bounded over to me to see what was going on.

"You finally doing something with your life?" He said, perching on a bar stool. "Oh no, my mistake, you're still a bassist."

"Funny lad!" I replied, "Actually I'm meeting Danni, at some place, at 2.30 apparently, though I have no idea where it is like."

Nick's eyes widened.

"Princes Ave." Henry said, "I think maybe we've been there once or twice? I remember Milo's friend telling me about the cafe's down there."

"Yeah we have, there's a great Indian down there too. Perefect for you fatty." Nick said to me.

I chose to ignore his comment and checked the time. It had just gone 1.

"Oh crap. I best go shower." I said, heading towards the door. Nicky, Jord and Henry got up as if to follow me.

"W...what are you guys doing?"

"Pfft, you expect us to sit in the van all day? We've got stuff to do aswell." Henry exclaimed, though I knew that was a downright lie because Steve was planning to pack up and leave soon. I figured I could catch a train back to Manchester easily enough. Assuming I was leaving tonight, anyway.

The End

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