The PrisonerMature

I woke up feeling strangely refreshed. Maybe it was because I knew it was the final show tonight, or the fact no one had played a trick on me in my sleep. I was stood in the kitchen making toast when Steve came storming in, and slamming his phone on the table, sighing after. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Well, feel free to start booking your holidays now Ben!” He said bluntly. I realized I was burning my toast and quickly shot the slices up, burning my finger in the process.

“Why?” I said, throwing the toast on the counter and opening the butter.

“That was the guy from the Theatre, some part of the roofs leaking so they’ve had to cancel us tonight, and that was the last show”

I couldn’t help but grin.

“Damn! Well, it’s not that bad, Hull had us last night at least.” I replied, biting a chunk of my warm buttery toast. I was rather excited by the fact I was in Hull and didn’t have a show, couldn’t let Steve know that though.

“I suppose, well I’m gonna go alert the clan, enjoy your toast.” And with that he left the room. I had a little victory dance to myself whilst munching toast. This was perfect! From this moment, I was no longer the Rockman bassist, I was a free man.

“I am not a number! I am a free man!” I exclaimed to myself, quoting The Prisoner by Maiden, and Zelda walked in, looking very delicate, in a cream nightgown, make up-less, her soft hair bouncing around her shoulders. She smiled and squinted at me, then headed straight for the kettle.

“You’re strangely happy” She yawned, throwing some of her cheapo train station coffee in a mug. That stuff was rank, but she liked it for some reason.

“I am, trusting you heard what Steve’s telling everyone?” I replied.

“No?” She said, running her hand through her fringe and narrowing her eyes.

“I just got up, whats going down?”

“Well the Theatre’s got some beef with its roof so we’re not playing tonight, meaning holidays just started.” I told her. She poured her cuppa and smiled slightly. One less gig is always news this close to the end of a tour.

“Well, that means Steve will be packing up and heading on out of here soon as he can then.” She muttered to me, and my smile faded.

“Awhh, you better go get your girlie.” She said, and winked, and left with her coffee. She’d been the second person to do that in the space of ten minutes. Why didn’t people like being alone in a kitchen with me? I wandered back out, to my bunk, and quickly got changed in there. Arthur and Nicky were now awake, and aware of the news.

“So whatcha gonna do Ben?” Arthur called across the bunks, as if I knew what he was talking about.

“I dunno? Call Ghostbusters? What you on about?” I shouted back.

“About your girlfriend!” He replied, making me smack my forehead on the top of the bunk. I got up and walked down to his, and hauled myself up to him.

“Grow up. And I don’t know, she didn’t text me.”

Arthur smirked and propped himself up on one arm. “Well go get her then.”

“She’s not a pint of milk Arthur, I can’t just nip to Tesco and get her.” I said back to him.

Suddenly I heard Jord’s big booming voice from down the hall.


I jumped down and sprinted as fast as my tiny legs could to the kitchen where I’d left  it next to the toaster. Him and Henry were sat in their re-stringing their guitars, looking innocent. My phone had been in here long enough for them to do something bad. I snatched it up, eyeing them suspiciously, and clicked the text from the unknown number open.

“Okay what did you do!” I exclaimed, and Henry and Jord looked at each other and started howling with laughter. I couldn’t believe them.

The End

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