Psycho Love.Mature

I froze. Whoever was in that bunk, shouldn't have been. Though I didn't want to catch anyone out, because I knew how that felt. 

I peeped cautiously through the gap in the curtain, and saw a beefy leg slide down the side, then two, and a large hefty male frame hit the ground next to me with a soft thud. His mane of dark brunette hair followed. Oh shit.

"Chloe.." He whispered sharply, but she was long gone, probably hiding. Though she has every reason to. I slowly reached out the curtain and prodded him in the thigh. He spun round shocked and caught sight me, and I gave him a sly smile from beneath the darkness.

"Well well well..." I muttered. "What 'av we 'ere." He was not getting out of this one lightly!  

I saw the braincogs working, he was trying to come up with some light hearted crap to make me forget I'd just seen him slide out of out Chloe's bed.

"Jordan? Get in my bed please." I commanded, he rolled his eyes and clambered in. This would look so gay if Nicky were to unconspicuously wander by.

"What you up to Bracewell?"

He smiled and looked at his feet, then pushed himself back in to the bunk and pulled the curtain again. I curled up opposite him to make room for his totem poles.

"Well, me and Clo have been really close over the past few weeks, like you and Z were yeah? And at lunch, she kind of gave me that look y'know? The "I want you" look, so I thought, I'd y'know, try it."

"So you went and hid in her bed?" I laughed, "That's a bit of a John thing to do to be fair mate."

"Oh no! She was already in there, thought she was hinting earlier, so when I saw her in there I thought I'd join her. Tried to kiss her, and she flipped a bit."

"A BIT?!" I exclaimed, she'd nearly turned me in to a Bencake jumping down from there.

"Well, you are an idiot Jord." I concluded, but I had to give him credit for it, she was just like Zelda. It would make me a hypocrite otherwise. Two pairs of footsteps sounded inbetween the bunks, and one collided with Jord's knee sticking out of my bunk. I heard a Nothern accent curse then shuffle round it, leaving the bunk untouched.

"Do you think this thing Ben's doing will work out?" I heard Arthur say to Henry as they passed us. Jordan sniggered so I booted him in the shoulder. He made a really feminine squeak and the two guys outside stopped. I looked at Jordan, and you could tell he was thinking "Lets make this look as gay as possible." Suddenly Arthur pushed the curtain back and froze. His mouth dropped in a sarcastic fashion.

"Oh my god! You guys DO bum whilst I'm tucked up in bed!" And Henry's head popped up behind him.

"Sorry you had to find out this way." Jordan said, and looked at the bed. I just burst out laughing like a maniac. Without warning Henry lunged at me, making me smack my head into the wall and pretended to smother me.

"But Ben's mine!" He screeched, I couldn't breathe let alone respond. Arthur stepped out of the way to let John by, whilst the three of us wrestled in the tiny bunk. He stopped, glanced, shrugged and continued to the kitchen.


The End

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