Comfort ZoneMature

It felt like years. When in retrospect, it had only been a few hours. Again, I picked my phone up, pressed the centre button only to read that I had no new messages, as if I expected otherwise. Maybe I should just go to bed. I heard a rustle at the doorway of the living room, and a broad dark shadow occupied it. The shadowed shape entered the room and stood gazing over me, I tried to look as unconcerned as I could. I knew exactly what he was going to say.

"Fun night I see." He mumbled bluntly, and I rolled my eyes in the darkness.

"Indeed mate, shattered like." I replied, trying to keep the conversation as light hearted and away from the obvious as I could. But I knew for a fact Steve wasn't having any of it.

"Nice to see you out in the foyer, you know, doing your bit." He added bluntly, with a hint of sarcasm. I chose not to react.

"Yup, fancied a change."

He entered the room briskly, and sat next to me. "Good lad." He said, and flicked the little TV on, like something was on at 2am. You could just tell he was itching for a heated debate on tonight's events. So I decided to leave the room.  He didn't say anything as I left, so I proceeded to the kitchen, expecting it to be empty. I flicked the light on and crapped myself when I saw someone else sat in there. Nicky was slouched at the table, slurping a pot noodle and bobbing his head along to his Ipod. He looked startled when he saw me, and yanked an earphone out .

"Hey you ok man?" He asked.

"Yeah..." I sighed, and plonked myself down next to him. He stared at me for a few seconds, shrugged then went back to his noodles.

I felt like confiding in him; he wasn't the type of guy to go streaming up and down the bus screaming my business, but I was in doubt of how he actually knew, seen as I only really spoke to him about work.

"Don't pay any attention to Steve." He suddenly said. Maybe he knew more than he let on. "He's just, so protective over you because he doesn't think you understand how hard it is to maintain a relationship on the road."

Not that I was even thinking about that.

"See, with most of us, me, Henry, Jord... Steve's lighter on us because we've done Ego, and so he trusts us to stick about, if it wasn't for him you wouldn't have any tied to us, so he thinks you'll run off, being the young reckless thing you are."

"Maybe things would have been easier if I kept sleeping with Zelda." I guffawed, and Nicky's fork hit the table. I guess I should have kept that to myself. Shit, quick distraction.

"Well I'm bloody shattered, not slept properly for ages, night bud." I yawned, and pretended to not notice that his 'O' shaped mouth was bigger than my lie. I quickly slid out the table seat and scuffled out the kitchen before he had chance to even ask. I went crashing straight into someone coming down from their bunk. It was Chloe. She saw me and looked incredibly flustered and shocked and in more of a rush to get away from something than me.

"Sorry Ben.." She gasped and scooted past me. What was up with her? I slipped into the bunk underneath hers, and was about to draw the curtain when I heard a loud crack and a deep voice restraining an 'Owwww' right above me. Oh god.

The End

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