Backstage FrightMature

 "Ben...are you alright?" I heard Chloe and Jordan rustling at the edge of my dressing room, probably spying on me.

"Great show man." Chloe added. I was hastily wiping my stage make up away and trying to make myself not smell like wet dogs, and I must of looked like I was in a rush.  Infact, I never did this after a show, so it was no surprise Jordan was curious. 

"...are you in some sort of hurry?" He asked lightly, and for one moment I thought I saw his and Chloe's fingers intertwine.

"Err no, just gonna go out back for a smoke." I said hastily, pulling a black check shirt on over my Led Zeppelin one and heading towards the door; Jord swung his hefty frame back to let me by. I could feel his eyes scalding my back, so I took a left towards the back door and took out a cig to look convincing.

Figured I'd go round and through the front to the foyer. I walked round and up the stairs and was suddenly engulfed by the herds of fans. Its funny how many people don't recognise me. I had a quick skag around the entrance, and she wasn't anywhere to be seen. Hope the little bitch hasn't run off with my ring! I saw Henry stood about being the social butterfly he was, and couldn't help feeling slightly envious. He was so much better than me, so much nicer, more encapsulating than anything I could offer. I then felt someone tap on my shoulder and spun round quickly. Danni was stood behind me, giving me a deep purple tipped middle finger and an evil smile, my silver dragon glinting right at me.  So much relief swept through me, and happiness at the fact she'd thought about me. 

"Like a bat out of hell." I said, and pulled her in for a hug.  She didn't pull away.

"I'll be gone when the morning comes." She whispered in my ear. Fiesty, but what a fecking lie it was. 

"Not likely baby." I mumbled back, and stepped back to face her. The theatre had almost completely emptied now, and I saw Steve and Zelda both gawping from across it. Surprisingly, Zelda looked like the pleased one. 

"What are you doing tomorrow?" I asked. At that point her friend with the blonde hair I remembered from vamps approached us. She looked like she was going to scream the place down, but like her friend, she was cool as a cucumber. Henry walked over to us too, and she glanced at him and looked faint.

"Ben this is Becky." Danni said, Becky smiled and said hi politely and Henry grinned aswell.

"Becky! Thought I knew you from somewhere!" He exclaimed, and she nearly hit the roof. "Pauper Kings fan yeah?"

"Y...y..yeah." She stammered, and he noticed how nervous she was and sent a sly smile my way. I returned it.

"Well I know you and... Danni? Are after our E.P?" He continued, "I can leave you my number and call you when we have a copy to send up?" 

She nearly hit the floor. I don't think she had any breath to actually respond to him, luckily Danni stepped in for her.

"That'd be cool Henry!" She said quickly and Herny reeled his number off to Becky while she covertly had a stroke. 

"So I feel as though I should give you mine." I said to Danni, she smiled and took a Blackberry from her pocket.

"Yeah I don't know how to work this." I said bluntly. She still handed me the strange piece of machinery. 

"You just press the numbers in the order they appear on y..." She began sarcastically.

"Okay smartarse!" I exclaimed, nudging her arm, she nudged me right back with a considerately larger amount of force. I jabbed my number in the handed it back to her. Becky wandered back over to us and told us her parents were waiting. 

"Well I'll, I'll text you." She concluded, and went to hug me for the last time, I accepted it. 

"Bye guys!" Henry added, and the pair of them shouted back to him. Then they wandered off out the foyer and into the night. I turned round and saw Steve, glaring right at me, that dark, patriarchal fatherly glare of dissaproval. Like it mattered.

She wasn't going to call me.

The End

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