Hand on HeartMature

I wasn't sure what to say. Infact, I was hardly sure what I'd done. But I had to say something.

"So, Megadeth." I said. Seemed like an appropriate discussion. She just looked at me like I was a knobhead. It amused me a bit, and as the waiter came over I had a little giggle to myself. 

"You guys ready to order?" The waiter said brightly. He sounded gay.

"Yeah." Danni said suddenly, "12 inch meat feast and a large coke." My mouth opened slightly in disbelief. I couldn't help but be amazed. Get in my bed right now.

"You know what, I'll have the exact same." I said, leaning back. The waiter smiled and sped off to get our drinks. 

"Bit of a beasty order there." I said to her. She smiled YET again. Say something woman! 

"Well, I'm a bit of a beasty person." she said simply. I couldn't agree more to be honest. I put my hands on the table and she caught a glimpse of my celtic rings, intrigued. I reached out and she recoiled swiftly as if I was a python or something. 

"I don't bite!" I exclaimed. She sniggered and I realised the irony of what I just said. Making a right pleb of myself again aren't I.  She all of a sudden took my hand in hers and started spinning my dragon ring around my little finger. And what's even cooler, is that it felt okay for her to do so. I took it off and placed it the palm of her hand. She raised an eyebrow and looked rather shocked.

"Keep this for now.  So tonight, even if you don't want to see me again, you have to, at least to give me it back."  I explained. Grimsley you sly dog.  She took it and tried it on all her fingers til it fit comfortably on her left middle finger. She then took my hand in both of hers. This felt kinda nice. 

"You'll see it when I swear at you with this finger." She mumbled. Oh my god you are awesome. At that point, our pizzas arrived. Our hands were prised apart by two giant hot plates. 

"God they're nearly bigger than me!" I exclaimed.

"Trust me, I'd rather be eating bits of pepperoni off you..." She said quietly, and winked. That in itself would of been quite a grotesque comment to come out with if I wasn't me and she wasn't so fecking epic. I will have you girlie.

The End

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