Diamond in the RoughMature

Hull looked nicer in Spring then it did covered in grotty snow and ice. However I wasn't sure what to do first. Besides I had no idea where to go.

“Ben lad!” Steve called from the other end of the bus. I skulked over to him.

“Now you've got my full permission to go wander, but don't get lost.” He said sternly, but playfully. At that moment Jordan came bounding up to us like a small child wanting an ice cream. I nodded, suddenly overcome by excitement. I loved being in a strange town and having time to roam!

“Can we go now Steve! Please?” Jordan said impatiently.

“Erm, well considering the girls went ages ago, then yeah, bye.” He said. Me and Jordan looked at each other, then sped past him.

“No later than five guys! Soundcheck!”

JB and I shuffled down this random side street, turned, and came out onto what looked like a highstreet. Well there was a Waterstones and a bank anyway.

“I have no idea where we're going Ben, so don't look at me.” He said. I had to laugh, Steve had told me about him getting lost during the Vamps tour.

“We should have organised a giant game of hide and seek because everyone scarpered.” I said, and suddenly something caught my eye. A flash of Iron Maiden and sleek black hair. I squinted through the rows of fat orange chavs and generally scruffy Hullians to see a tallish girl carrying an Iron Maiden bag disappearing into Waterstones. Oh my god. I started speeding rampantly towards the store, and Jordan followed me, his stride was slower seen as his legs were twice as long as mine.

“Dude, what are doing? You don't READ. Why the hell are y... OHH, ohh! Oh my god Ben stop!” He exclaimed and grabbed hold of my shoulder. I was jolted backwards with such force and nearly fell on my face.

“Quit it banana mitts!” I said. He pulled me back to face him.

“You're just going to march in there, and stalk her around a bookshop? If she sees you, she'll die!”

He had a point actually. But how else was I going to find anything out about her?

“Okay, can we just, sidle in? Casually, she won't be looking for us so she won't see us?” I suggested, I had to get in there! But I wasn't going anywhere the BFG holding me.

“Right, you, are, BEN. GRIMSLEY. You go in there and she sees you, the shop will explode. Plus, she will know you're in town today.”

At that point we heard two sets of feet running at us. I turned to see Arthur and Henry racing at the pair of us.

“What's the deal?” Henry asked. “Looks like you're about to K.O him Jord!”

“He was about to march into there and confront his number one fan!” Jordan said, as if I was about to throw myself off Blackpool tower or something.

“...So?” Henry asked, and looked at Arthur. He had the same expression.

“My sentiments exactly Henry!” I said, happy that someone was on my side, for once.

“Well...uh..” Jordan removed his turkey drummers from my shoulders and stepped back.

“Run along then. I'm sticking with Birdy, ring me if you get lost or kidnapped. Good luck.” He started to wander off and the Birds followed him. Henry shot me a sneaky wink and I gave him the finger, and headed towards the entrance of Waterstones. Wow, I can't believe I'm about to do this. I took one last breath, and cautiously stepped inside.

The End

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