Back To ParadiseMature

I was so happy to see a bit of spring. The air was becoming clearer, spirits amongst everyone were higher, and there was a general feel-good atmosphere on the bus. I was also pretty chuffed, because we were on the way to Hull for the Bats show. That could mean some interesting stuff's gonna go down. The M62 looked pretty nice today, the sun was shining brilliantly, and we were at least 3 hours ahead of where we should have been, meaning more moochy time in Hull. Emily, Arthur and Henry were say opposite me, crowded round a laptop watching some really gay film. I was tiring of watching them so got up to have a wander around. I walked through the bunks and prepared to enter the kitchen when I heard a few snappy voices mumbling to each other harshly. I pressed an ear to the door cautiously

“He's a young lad, you can't control who he sees!” I heard John say. There was no way he was discussing me in there.

“I know, but he's also restless, and yeah I'm glad he's found something to do, but young men do crazy things, as we know.” Steve said.

“Yeah, but you're assuming he's going to be touring with you forever, and that he should base his life around you, and that's wrong Steve.”

“I'm not at all. I just know what it's like. It's all the same, only the names will change. Another town, another girl. He can't travel all night to get back home.” … Steve did not just sum me up with a Bon Jovi quote! I pushed the door open and startled them both, and John turned round and pretended to raid the fridge.

“Okay, do you wanna be mature and talk to me about MY life while I'm in the room, or do you wanna compare me to 80s ballads?” I said. Jordan was sat in there too, but he didn't say a word. Steve didn't say anything, he turned away and got his phone out. That's rich. I suddenly couldn't be bothered with the lot of them if they were going to be such cynical bastards. I strode out and headed back to the living room; there was only so many places you could go in this damn thing. Actually no, I'm going to go sit in my bunk and sulk. I clambered up and swung myself round, and collided with something warm and soft.

“Zelda? What are you doing in my bed?” I asked. Oh, she really knew how to make a situation look better.

“Cool your boots lad, Steve's dumped his crap on mine so I'm catching 40 winks in here. Well, was going to, I've caught about 3 so far though, all that bitching going down in there.”

“Oh.” I mumbled, “Yeah they're bitching about me.”

She sat up and wrapped my blanket around her, and shifted up so I could sit in comfortably.

“Yeah, they all know about Christmas. But now they're all bitching 'cause I told them about the girl in Hull, and that it'll be bad if I start seeing someone so far out.”

She nodded and thought for a moment.

“Well, Arthur manages. Plus, shouldn't he be happy we're not, you know?”

“My thoughts exactly. But apparently me seeing a stranger is MADNESS compared to seeing a colleague.”

I heard Emily coming so I pulled the curtain in hope she'd think the bunk was empty. It worked.

“Oh, did you like my present?” She asked. The present I didn't sodding open. Ooops.

“Erm, I didn't open it. I'd put it somewhere that day and I forgot about it. So...”

“It's alright, it was silly anyway.” She smiled, and leaned back. I was well curious now.

“What was it?”

“A locket.” She reached around her own neck and pulled the necklace she was wearing out. It was long and silver and had a black heart on the end. She opened it and it had a picture of me inside, then on the other side it said “No.” I'm guessing mine had a photo of her inside. I had to admire her humour on the subject.

“That, is well gay.” I said, and leaned over and embraced her. I had to admit, Steve was right. We were all too close to bust up due to romance. I held her close for a few moments when I heard a quiet “ahem” from the edge of the bunk.

“We've just hit Hull m'dears.” Henry said, smirking at me particularly. “Let the games begin.”

The End

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