Let It Go.Mature

"Ben." Steve said coarsely, popping his head into my bunk. I was laid down watching Zombieland on my iPod at the time, and he startled me. I tugged an earphone out and turned to face him.


"Can you come out for a second?" He said, and walked out. I swung my head out of my bunk to Jordans below me, he shrugged and gave me a confused look. He still thought I was oblivious to him knowing about me and Zelda. I hopped down and padded through to the lounge cautiously, where Steve was sat there in darkness, only light coming from a little table lamp. I felt like a 15 year old that had broken their curfew to go out drinking.

"So Ben. What's going on." He said bluntly.

"Well Steve." I replied, searching for something to say that wasn't the truth, and failing. "We're on a motorway, I'm shattered, quite like to go to bed, my arm hurts, and.."

"No Ben, you know what I mean." He said, and stood up, I hated the fact he towered over me. I couldn't lie to him, he was quite rightly my boss, and right now, he felt like my dad.

"Okay, this was inevitable. Yes, I slept with Zelda. It was one time, there are no excess feelings, and we know the score. It was stupid, but we're okay, we haven't made anything less bearable, and we're all fine right?" I could only hope that was convincing. Steve looked me for a few seconds, and put a hand on my shoulder and lead me to sit down. Well he didn't punch me in the nose so I guess I did alright.

"Benny Ben Ben..." He started, "My little piece of angelcake..."

I raised an eyebrow at him.

"We all know Zelda is beautiful. She's talented, sweet, she's got edge, and lets face it, we all would. Especially John. BUT, we all have to act in a professional manner, for the sake of doing what we love. When I say that I mean touring." He added. He had a point; I wondered whether this was the right time to mention I had a crush on a girl in Hull.

"Steve, I'm not interested in Z. I met someone on tour." I blurted. What the hell dude?

"Whoa what?" He exclaimed, eyes wide like an owl, "You don't meet people on tour! You hide backstage and get drunk!"

I felt myself beginning to blush. I suppose his reaction couldn't be worse than the Zelda thing right?

"At the end of the Vamps tour right? First night in Hull, I got sent out to meet some folks, and there was a girl there. And, wow, she totally caught my attention. I've been meaning to contact her for a while.”

Steve had a disgruntled look on his face. The kind you have when you pick up a cup of tea and realise it's gone cold on you. I was confused by this. I thought he'd be pleased.

“Well..” He muttered, rubbing his eyes for a moment then sighed. “That's great.”

Oh come on.

“Steve, I'm trying my best, it's not easy for me. I'm not the 'stop for a chat' kinda guy...” I said, hoping he had some sort of fatherly advice to offer me. Obviously it wasn't his calling either.

“I just... I hope this works out for you. Because dating a fan isn't always conventional.” He concluded, and got up to go speak to Ian. Which of course meant my issues would circulating around the bus in ten minutes.

The End

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