Thin Disguise.Mature

"Hey Henry!" I said cheerfully, ambling in looking as innocent and carefree as I could. His smile widened. This was not gonna be good.

"You just made someone a very happy bunny Ben..." He smirked. I lunged at him and tried to swipe the netbook off him but he was too quick for me. He jumped up and ran across the living room as I tried to swipe his leg from under him, but he dived over me and across the other sofa. I slid on to the floor, panting, brushed my hair out of my face and glared at him.

"Henry, what've you done?"

"Just sent a little reply to your Eastern girlfriend." Henry winked and passed me the computer back. I wanted to smile because he'd probably done it better in like five minutes than I would manage if I spent a whole night on it.

"Henry, you make it sound like she's Arabian or something, you knob." I laughed, scrolling quickly to see what he'd done. He'd only gone and sent Maiden girl a friend request!

"What've you done that for?" I exclaimed, but I couldn't hide the big grin on my face that was about to break out like a blast of herpes.

"You KNOW you were going to do that, you don't even lie!" Henry laughed, and at that point Arthur walked in, holding three boxes of noodles. Yes! Food! I jumped up and grabbed one of him.

"Okay! Jeez let me keep my arm!" Arthur said, handing one to his brother and plopping himself down on the couch.   "What's going on here anyway? Sounded like someone was getting a good bumming." 

Henry half choked on a noodle at that statement.

"No we do that when you're tucked up in bed sweetheart. Were we fighting over Steve's laptop, I was doing Pantene Ben a little favour."

"Wouldn't call it a favour mate!" I exclaimed.

"Well, he's got a crush on a girlie so I was just giving him a kick up the arse." Henry said.

Arthur nodded, and raised an eyebrow.  "But I thought Ben was doing Zelda behind Steve's back"

"Shut your gob!" I yelled, throwing a forkful of beef noodle in his face. If Steve was knocking about that'd be the end of me.

"Calm down babe!" Henry said, reaching over and patting my head. Patronizing little twat.

"Sorry, but you're all really kettlin' me swede over the whole Zelda thing." I mumbled, finishing my noodles and slamming the box on the table. It was at that point the door flew open and frankly I cacked myself. It was only Jordan.

"Guys, we're almost there, Steve wants you." He said, looked around the room suspiciously, then walked out again. We all exchanged glances as he left, and burst out laughing.

"Kettlin' me swede!" Henry shouted sarcastically, "What kind of phrase is that?"

"Sod off wog eye." I muttered, whacking him in the head and getting up to find Steve.

"No need for that shortcake!"

Besides, I didn't have time for this. I had to find out about Maiden girl.

The End

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