Back on The Road AgainMature

"Ben dear, can you come move your bass off my bunk? I don't want to break it again." Chloe called from the bunks. I set Steve's netbook down and went to assist her. Couldn't believe touring had come around this quick, again. It was Bat this time, not my favourite out of Steve's shows but fun all the same. I hauled my bass over my shoulder, and Chloe sidled around me. No one else seemed to be around.

"Ben?" She said, sitting down, and motioning for me to do the same. I perched cautiously. Everytime this happened I got a little more worried.

"Ben, Zelda told me what happened between you two." She started. Oh great, so much for being covert.

"And, I think it's great that you two are so close. Zelda's such a good person, and she deserves a nice guy like you, but, you know you can't do this b..." I interrupted her swiftly. Frankly, I was tired of being told what was what.

"Chloe, we are not, seeing each other. Yes , it was one time, ONE time! Nothing more. We KNOW it's not allowed, and I'm sick of explaining this to everyone. We didn't do it during a tour, what we do during our time off is between US, not you. Plus, I'm seeing someone else anyway." I blurted. You know when you've just told a massive lie. I needed something quick to say before she realised what I'd just said.

"Besides, how does Henry know?" I asked, "Henry never knows anything."

"Well, Zelda told me, and Jordan was lurking around, so I'm guessing he let it slip" She replied. 

"Oh so it's all Chinese whispers with you lot is it? Well, thanks for being so concerned and coming to me first." I snapped. Not that I minded, but if things got back to Steve we'd both be in deep trouble. I stood up and went to leave when Chloe spoke again.

"Just, watch yourself Ben. You know how much this means to us all. Don't throw it away on a winter romance."

I left the room quickly before I said something I'd dearly regret. Looks like there was going to be a lot of tiptoeing around. I returned to the living room and saw Henry sat with the netbook I'd left myself logged into Facebook on, with a massive smile plastered on his face. Ohhhh crap.

The End

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