It's only Love.Mature

"BEN! BEN BEN BEN!" Jordan yelled, running at me and swooping me up in to a massive bear hug. Wasn't entirely sure what I'd done to deserve that. The whole Vamps cast were due to show up soon. We were doing our pre-tour meet up, just to check everyone's alright to go. Emily and John rocked up next, followed by Shereen and Chloe, Nicky, Steve, and finally Henry and Arthur. We all grabbed a table and sat down to discuss the upcoming tour. It'd come around so bloody fast. 

... I'd just realised something.

"Steve, where's Zelda?" I asked casually. Obviously it wasn't going to look casual with me asking it. Emily shot me a glare before Steve answered me.

"She couldn't make tonight, but she phoned me and told me she's fine and ready for the tour Ben." He said. "Don't worry your pretty little head over it."

Ugh. He thinks I still have feelings for Zelda. What he doesn't know is that those feelings were swiftly exerted and disposed of on Christmas Eve. Heh. But I had the feeling someone else in the group did.

"Ben?" Henry called across the table. "Coming outside for a smoke?"

"Henry you d..." But before I could finish he was literally dragging me by the hair to the smoking area. When we were well out of earshot he pushed me against the wall and glared at me.

"Okay. One of two things. ONE, why the HELL, are you sleeping with Zelda?!"

Oh great. I sighed and looked at the cobbles.

"Look, I'm not sleeping with Zelda. She turned up at my door, Christmas Eve, and you know how it is. We know the score, and plus, I've got bigger fish to fry. Well, when I go out and buy the rod to actually catch the fish I'm going to cook anyway."

Henry nodded, and a reckon I saw a smile crack too.

"And two. Where the HELL, is my Christmas present?" 

I laughed and ducked underneath him, as he tripped me and I faceplanted the floor. At that point John walked out with a fag in his mouth, took two looks at us and shook his head.

"You do worry me you two." He muttered.

"This coming from the man who parades about on stage in lycra and plays with a hammer John..." Henry replied, as I got up and tried to make myself look less of a dick.

"You're not too old for a smack Mr Bird." John exclaimed as we both shuffled back to the group. Well Henry seemed to take that pretty well. Can't wait to hear what he thinks about my next endeavour...

The End

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