Nothing to Say...Mature

My head was spinning. Squinting blindly, I managed to make out what looked to be the outline of my wardrobe. At least I wasn't tied up in a van somewhere. Then again I think I've done my time when it comes to being in vans.  I couldn't remember a thing. I groaned and rolled over, to see a sleeping Zelda draped over me, staring compassionately, her brunette and caramel hair hiding half her face, and glowing in the morning light.

"Merry Christmas sweetie." She whispered, and kissed my nose.  Oh, Steve was going to freak. And it was Christmas day! Ohh crap.

I rolled out of bed, unaware of how freezing it was seen as I'd forgotten to put the heating on last night. Groaning, I shuffled over to the en-suite and flicked the shower on to warm up. When I'd wandered back Zelda was sitting up, getting dressed, in a pair of black skinny jeans and a T-shirt she was preparing to steal off me. 

"It's okay, I didn't want that one anyway." I called, wandering back in. She chose to ignore my comment and picked up my hairbrush.

"I love staying here Ben, because you're such a girl I don't have to bring anything." She said, slowly brushing her hair out. I chose to ignored hers also, and returned to the shower. After a quick one I wandered back into my bedroom where she was still applying make up, so I tutted and she threw my hairbrush at my head. Cow.

"I'm making toast, seen as that's the only thing I've got in, you want any?" I called, wandering downstairs. She caught up with me and headed straight towards the door. Nothing like hit an' run really.

"No thanks, I gotta get back. Seeing the family." She replied. That's how it is.

"Well, take care." I said, giving her a long hug, she stepped back and smiled.

"You too." She reached into her coat pocket and handed me a black box with a green ribbon around it.

And with that she'd gone. Now to make that toast and open my presents. Tehe. I should probably call the 'rents aswell, but that could wait.

The End

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