Sleaze Diseaze.Mature

Well, I sure knew how to live it up on Christmas Eve. 

Sprawled out on the sofa with Bella curled up on me, purring away, Mighty Boosh boxset, chinese food and bottle of Jack. I was considering going to bed, when there was a sudden knock on my window. Like I was expecting visitors at 11pm on Christmas Eve...

I got up and stumbled half-drunkenly to the door. Stood there on my doorstep in a massive fur coat, and no doubtedly not much else, was Zelda. Oh jesus.

"Figured you could use some company tonight." She whispered, inviting herself in. 

"How do you know I don't already have the company of a young attractive woman?" I slurred, swinging around to block her from entering the living room. She pushed me away with ease.

"Because she just got here." She said simply, and without warning thrust herself on to me. I tripped backwards and pulled her backwards onto the sofa, and we kissed vigorously. She reached down and tore my shirt off and pulled me closer to her, grinding herself against me with such force I had to give in. 

"Up...stairs..." I gasped between breaths, jumping up and dragging her towards the stairs. This wasn't the time to even contemplate what I was doing. We stumbled blindly upstairs and into my bedroom, sinking down into my bed. She continued to kiss me, running her cold fingers down my spine, I brought her closer and kissed her neck, and she moaned gently.

Well done Ben. What better way to make a start on your new discovery by having sex with a Glitter Kitten. Smooth.

The End

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