Big Talk.Mature

Our food had arrived by the time I'd finished ranting to Em.  I thought maybe it'd be an excuse for us to drop conversation for a while. But oh no.  

"You wanna know what I think?" She said, running her finger round her wine glass contemplatively. I nodded through a mouthful of Carbonara, which was rather nice compared to the shite I'd been scoffing on tour.

"I think, you, have a little crush. Which I may add, is all fine and dandy Ben, you've got some months off, but you're looking at this all wrong." Now THAT statement confused me...

"What you mean?" I scoffed.

"Well. You're thinking about it from the bassist of famous touring stage show, but between now and end of January, you're just an average guy with a lot of spare time. Plus, it'll take your mind off Zelda." How the hell did she know about that?

"Me and Zelda?" I asked.

"Don't pull the confused card. We all know what's going on between you and Zelda, we're just all too polite to point it out." Guess we weren't being as covert as I thought. But Emily had given me a nice new perspective on this situation...

"Ben" She concluded.

"You're a little mosher, you're minted, you're single, go have some fun!" 

And that is exactly what I planned to do...

The End

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