Clash with Reality.Mature

It was around 20 to 6 when I recieved a loud knock on my door. I couldn't be arsed to get up, so leaned my head out the window and told Emily to come in. She looked windswept yet striking, in a long lepoard coat and heels. 

"Nice taxi you have there Em." I said, getting up to put some biscuits out for Bella. She tripped me as I went by, silly bint.

"Funny. Well I got the bus here, figured we could go to that Italian place instead of mooching to town and back." Emily said, "So come on."

I made sure Bella was eating, shoved my boots and leather on and followed Em out th door, quickly locking up. We walked down the road in complete silence for 20 minutes until we reached the restaurant. I guess being with each other constantly for the past god knows defeats any conversational topics. We got ourselves a table in the corner and ordered drinks. She was looking at me, her gaze was slightly more concerning than usual.

"Ben, are you alright?"

"Yeah why?" I answered quickly. What a lie. I was thinking about that girl, and I kinda felt a bit mean not replying to her email. Not like I needed to. It was just fan mail after all right? 

"You lying toerag. Something's bothering you, I can tell." Emily said, but she was interrupted by a waiter.

"You guys ready to order?" He said.

"Yeah." I replied, I ordered a Carbonara and Emily took the tomato and basil pasta. He smiled at us and wandered off, and Emily looked right back at me. Here comes the grilling. I was thinking of something to say to take her mind off it, but nothing was happening.

"Come on Ben, what's up."

And so I launched right into it. 

The End

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