Home Sweet Home.Mature

"Cheers Jordan!" I shouted, as he drove off. He'd just dropped me off home, and the tour was finally over. I'd forgotten how bloody cold Manchester was. I fumbled about with my key for a second, and finally stumbled in, the warmth engulfed me. Home at last. I closed the door and set my bass down, and ambled into the kitchen to put the kettle on, then remembered I'd been on tour half the year and had no sodding food in. Well done.

A rustle and a tinkle sounded, and I heard four tiny paws padding down the hallway. Bella came running at me. God, was I happy to see her.

"Bella baby!" I exclaimed, swooping her up and giving her a cuddle. Better work on this food situation. I wandered back towards my living room, stopping to flick the electrics on, and went to turn my beast of a computer on. I'd give Jordan at least ten minutes to get home before I phoned him to bring me food. Logged on to Facebook to check out what was going on. Least I didn't have to deal with all the "OMG" wallposts and fan tags. 

I had a few inboxes off bands and what not, one silly one from Zelda I'd watched her send me, and another one that just said "Alright!" from a random girl. Suddenly clicked when I saw myself gazing back at me from her profile picture.  Oh my god.

She'd kept it short and sweet, and conclusive. Making it easy for me to not reply. So that's exactly what I did. Suddenly the phone rang, and I dived to it, nearly taking Bella out.


"Hey Ben, you okay?" Said a girly familiar voice, it was Emily. Someone in Manchester that could bring me food.

"Hey Em', yeah I'm good, aside the fact I've got no food in." I replied. 

"Well neither have I Ben, we've been on tour." She said sarcastically, "Do you fancy hitting the town later for food?"

"Yeah that'd be cool, I can nip to Tesco's too"

"Okay, I'll get a taxi to yours around 7? Then we'll split?" Emily asked, I said yes and got up to go for a shower. She said bye then hung up. Love the way I've just got in and I'm already off back out with Pandora. 

The End

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