Nocturnal Pleasure.Mature

It was around 1.40am the next morning, and we were en-route out of Hull. I was sat alone in the living room, gazing at the open road through blasts of snow, thinking, when a soft tap sounded at the door.  Zelda was stood there,  looking  expectedly provocative with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Hey Ben, fancy one?" She said softly, entering the room. To be honest I wasn't in the mood, today had taken it out of me.

"Come on baby don't make me drink alone." She perched next to me, and popped the bottle open, and poured the scarlet liquid into the two glasses, though she didn't hand me it. She knew only too well I wouldn't leave good alcohol doing nothing. 

"So, end of the tour, you looking forward to being at home?"  She said, leaning into my shoulder. I put my arm around her casually, and took a swig of wine.

"Yeah I guess, be nice to sleep in a proper bed actually." I replied.

"Awh, you'll be ever so lonely though.." She set her wine down and put her other hand on my thigh. I slid down further into the couch.

"I guess, I have Bella though, she'll do."

"But can Bella do this?" Zelda turned her head and gently kissed my neck, running her hands through my hair, oh christ.

"Well actually..."

Before I could finish her lips collided with mine, and I couldn't hold back anymore. I kissed her back passionately, pulling her close, almost on top of me, and her hands ran down my waist and stopped at the top of my jeans. She knew damn well we couldn't do this. 

"Z..." I mumbled, holding her back for a minute. "Z, we can't."

She looked at me, dumbfounded. She knew I was right however. Sighing, she leant back, picked up her wine once again and emptied it briskly. At that moment, Steve walked in. It was incredibly difficult to look innocent, but he didn't say a thing.

"Everyone's gone to bed, Henry's in the kitchen, good show tonight, I've left your bass wires in your bunk Ben, couldn't be bothered to put them with the stuff."

"Alright Steve, goodnight." I replied. Zelda seconded it with a smile.

"Night folks." And he walked out. I stood up to do the same as Zelda grabbed my hand.

"Night baby." She said. I sighed and walked off to my bunk. I really like Zelda, she's beautiful, talented and she rocks, but there's something too different about us. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to have someone I can connect with on long tours, and it's nice to share a bed with someone, but we can't have anything more. We both care too much about Steve, and he needs us more than we need each other. 

The End

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