There's Something About You.Mature

The wind was really beginning to chill now. I wrapped my scarf tighter around  myself and continued to head towards the back door to meet these conspicuous fans who were waiting for me. It was strange, I didn't like hanging around to meet people, and they never really cared anyway. It's not like I'm Henry Bird really. My phone rung again, I answered it briskly.

"Hey Ian,  I'm on my way" I said, and shut my phone again, rushing down the slippery stairs. I had no idea where Steve had gone with the girls.  I turned a corner and smashed right into a humongous material wall; Jordan was stood chatting to Ian right near the back door. 

"Go get 'em tiger" Jordan said and shoved out before I had a chance to think about running off again. God I hate meeting fans, better get my brave face on.

I walked out and saw four people, a couple considerably older then me, and two young girls, one was wearing cowboy boots and had a Killers bag.  Nawh, cute.

"It's about time as well!" The smaller girl with the bag said. Oh well that's charming, but I liked the attitude. The taller girl, who was blonde, handed me her programme. I set my wine down on the snowy wall and took her pen, went to sign Steve's head, and it ran out. 

"Oh bugger, hang on" She said, and went rooting for another one. Oh god, I wanna run away so bad. I glanced at Killers girl again, just as she looked back at me. She looked really familiar...

"Is it strange being a bassist and getting this much attention?" She asked, with a sly grin.  Oh a musicians joke, hurrdy hurr. I just smiled and nodded, as the blonde girlie passed me another pen which was just as bad. They then asked me for a photo. The pair of them sidled up to me, making me feel REALLY short, and miss attitude put her arm around my waist. I didn't comply so she moved it away swiftly. Hehe. 

"Well thanks Ben" She said, and smiled at me again, putting her camera away.  She was absolutely soaking wet, her mascara was dripping and she was shivering like mad. To be honest, it was kinda sexy. Henry came out and slipped, nearly going flying.

"Wheyyyy don't fall!" The tall blonde girl said, and wandered off to get in a nearby car. The other girl followed. I was quite intrigued by her. 

"You coming Ben? We're off to grab a pint before we take off." Henry said, I nodded and ran to catch up with him, as the car they were in drove off. Wow, I should get out more.

The End

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