More Than Just An Instinct

Adrenaline coursed through my veins as I raced through the street. My heart pounding furiously against my chest, I tried to take in deep breaths but couldn't at the rate at which I was running. I could hear Jayden and Damian's footsteps behind me, slapping hard against the sidewalk.

Damian called to me, straining to get closer to me but I increased my speed, knowing he'd only try and hold me back. He wouldn't; no one would this time. The fearful and panicked expressions on the victims' faces was still imprinted into my mind. The tear-stricken faces of little children as the ice-cream in their hands dropped to the floor.

I could still feel it - that sudden change in the mood within the restaurant from one of happiness to fear, a fear of dying. But this time, no one would die. Because I'd do something. I'd had this premonition for a reason - to save innocents. I wouldn't let anything hold me back.

Turning around the curb of the street, I skidded to a stop in front of the restaurant. It was a Dairy Queen a lot, and from the look of it, it was pretty crowded inside. The car park was crowded with several vehicles which could only mean one thing - there were a lot of people inside waiting to get hurt.

"Arianna!" I felt a cool hand grab hold of my wrist as it yanked me back. Turning, I glared into Damian's eyes who looked just as furious. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm going to help save peoples' lives, is that such a big crime?" I retorted back, yanking my hand away violently before running into the restaurant. Slamming the door open, I stepped into the air-conditioned atmosphere. Everyone turned to look at my sudden entrance which was just what I needed, I had their attention now.

"Listen up! There's going to be an attack! You should all get out now before any of you get hurt!"

I yelled as loud as I could, trying to reach everyone but none of them moved an inch after what I said. I saw a man approaching me, dressed in a suit - someone who I assumed to be the manager.

"What do you think you're doing young lady?" He demanded.

"No, you don't understand! An armed gang is going to raid your store! People are going to die!"

I waved my arms around, trying to make the point but the man stared incredulously down at me. "She's crazy. The girl's crazy. Security!"

"No!" I grabbed his shirt, urgent and desperate as tears pricked my eyes. "Believe me!"

But before I could make any more of a point, I felt two men lift me up as they headed towards the exit. I thrashed wildly but to no avail as they threw me out. "Get out of here girl," one of them said, dropping me on the sidewalk.

Bitter tears flowed down my face as I watched the two walk back in. It was going to happen. I knew it.

"Just because you have a power doesn't mean you have to go around jumping on every little thing you think is going to happen."

I glared at Damian who stepped in front of me, looking down at me with distaste.

"You don't know. You didn't see."

"Oh really? Then where is this so called gang?" He scoffed.

"They'll be here! Any time now!"

"Sshh... calm down Arianna." I felt Jayden put his arms around me but I shoved him away. I didn't need comfort, I needed trust.

"You two don't get it! Innocent people are going to die in there!" I stepped back, staring at the two of them as tears blurred my vision. Don't cry, don't be weak.

But the two exchanged a long glance, Damian conveying the message to Jayden to not believe me.

"It's better if we just get to Aldern right now. That's our priority," Jayden said softly, holding out his hand.

I ignored it, stepping past them as I walked away, retracing my steps back. They didn't have to believe me - because they both don't know anything about me. But Damian...he just...

A gunshot rang through the air, causing me to stop mid-step. Turning back, my eyes fixed on the restaurant as screams reverberated through the air. Damian met my gaze, disbelief ringing through them.

If anyone died in there, it was his fault.

The End

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