Mastering Premonitions

The moon skimmed through the clouds, parting them like a ship would part the waters in the ocean. It felt peaceful for once, and forlorn. The three had rented a room in the fourteenth floor, just far away from the bustle of the streets, but not close enough to the quiet, dark sky. Damian stretched on the loveseat, pulling his leg up over the seat and pushing his hands behind his head. He stared at the moon dully and yawned. However, he refused to sleep. So many things were turning on his head. Helena's death and the escape of Ace. The former made his heart ache, they had trained and grown together, she and Jayden were the closest to family Damian had ever had. How could he possible explain to Agatha of what had happened? Helena had died under his protection. The latter made his blood boil with rage and fury; to be lured away and tricked by a coward who later killed his friend. Unpardonable. He silently sweared that he'd hunt down and kill Ace.

Damian heard a door opened and closed silently. Jayden was back; he slumped on the armchair across him. He was tired, sad, and mournful. He rubbed his eyes and slapped his face several times.

"What a day," he managed to say before he brought the glass of red wine to his lips. 

Damian bit his lips. "I just want to get Arianna to Aldara safely. Once she's there, we can hunt for Ace and the Seer without preocupations." Thirst for revenge was coursing through his veins already, he couldn't continue living knowing he had two loved ones to avenge. 

"We will, that we will." Jayden said slowly and deteminedly. 

"How is she?" asked Damian. 

"Suffering," replied Jayden. "She was twisting and turning in her bed when I entered her room. I think she's having nightmares of what happened today. Poor Arianna, I wish I could relieve some of her fears but..." Jayden sighed.

"She's feeling guilty of what happened to Arianna." Damian guessed Jayden's thoughts. 

"She feels Helena died protecting her and she couldn't do anything for Helena," concluded Jayden. "It's not her fault. It's nobody's fault, not yours not mine." Jayden added the last sentence when he saw Damian readying a protest against himself. "Things just happen, we must look forward and try to make it up to Helena by destroying the Seer."

Damian nodded. "We're going to get him."


 Damian regarded the morning sun with quiet serenity. It wasn't strong. He felt Arianna step into the room. He turned and saw her tired face, dark rims under her eyes. She looked unwell and unhappy. Damian felt the urge of taking her into his arms, but fought it. Jayden had beat him to it anyway. Jayden was embracing him, like a good friend does to another friend who's feeling down.

"How are you feeling?" asked Jayden.

"Better." Arianna sounded hesitant when she said it. Not believing it herself. "When are we leaving?"

"Glad you asked," interjected Damian before Jayden could answer. "The sooner the better. You're only an inconvenience to us..." His words faltered when Jayden shot him a hard look and Arianna was on the verge of tears. "We'll be leaving soon."

 Arianna just nodded and had her breakfast silently. Soon afterwards, they were on their way downstairs. Damian and Jayden were acting more cautiosly than ever, scanning the hallway for anything suspicious. The dark forces move fast, especially during the night. Their behavior made Arianna nervous. Luckily, they had made it to the lobby without inconveniences. They proceeded to checkout and were soon out on the streets. The Vegas strip didn't look as lively as it had during the day. It was peaceful and quiet compared to its livelihood at night. 

"We cannot drive the same car." Damian scanned the streets. 

"You're not thinking of hijacking a car, are you?" Arianna sounded aghast. 

"We cannot walk all the way to the desert," said Damian. "You'll get tired before our journey starts. I don't want to carry you then."

Arianna was not in the mood to bicker with him, so she remained silent. 

"That red mini-cooper would do," Damian pointed across the street. He searched for Arianna's wrist, but she pulled away, disgusted. For a split of a second, he was hurt, but he whisked that thought away and crossed the street, followed by Jayden and an unwilling Arianna. 

Arianna's cellphone busted with life. "It's my mom." She said, "I have to answer and tell her that I'm fine."

"Fine," grunted Damian, "but be quick and don't tell her where we are."

Arianna was relieved when Damian granted permission. She spoke to her mother, who was very angry and worried. "Mom, I'm safe. I'm with Damian, we stayed over at some friend's house. Yes, yes, I promise I will stay safe. I cannot wait to be back home... I love you." Arianna snapped her cellphone and inhaled deeply. 

"Don't worry, if everything ends up alright, you'll be going home," said Damian. 

"I don't understand why this Seer wants to kill me," said Arianna. 

"You pose a threat to him," explained Jayden. "It was prophesied that a powerful witch will rise and defeat him when he returns." This made Arianna shake with fear. "We'll get you to safety, I promise." That eased Arianna a bit.

 Damian was already working into the lock of the car, when Arianna started shaking feverishly. "What is wrong with her?" asked Damian, trying to hold her from shaking further.

"I think she's having another premonition," said Jayden just as concerned. "Arianna, can you hear me? What is it?"

Arianna broke loose from their support and staggered forward. She was gasping, trying to understand what she saw in her mind. "A gang is going to attack a restaurant, they have guns with them... and they're going to start shooting... people will die... a lot..."

Damian and Jayden exchanged glances. 

"We don't have time for this, let the police handle it..." said Damian, opening the door successfully. "Come, get inside."

"No, I won't let anybody else die on my account because I ignore my premonitions. I have to be able to prevent those innocents' deaths..." 

"When is this going to be?" asked Jayden before Damian could argue against her wishes.

Arianna snapped out of her premonition, panting slightly. Her eyes were wide with fear. "Right now..." she whispered in fear and broke into a run.  

Damian cursed underbreath and ran after her, followed by Jayden.

The End

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