My tears felt like a give-away to the strongest emotion I felt in those few minutes of hell. But inside, I was a wreck of a bit of every negative human feeling possible; guilt, grief, fear, shock...but there was something else that surged through my veins. Only minutes back, it had taken over me, almost like a possession of my body and soul. Energy, lots of it. But right now, I didn't feel it succumb me like it had done before.

I felt like a whirlpool of distress. Someone had died because of me, a friend I barely got to know. Tears didn't feel like enough to express how I felt. Staring at her body through a blurry vision mixed in with rivers of tears, I saw Helena's body break down into silver particles.

The clouds parted and the sunlight shone down on the city once again, like nothing had happened to make the day what it really was. I felt responsible for all this. I'd known, I'd had two dreams, two visons of a death but when it had come to reality, I didn't do anything. I could have saved her life, but I hadn't.

"We should take her someplace safe," Jayden broke the silence, his eyes fixing on my limp body as I continued to cry in silence in Damian's arms.

"The Dark Seer knows of her power, can connect to it in a much stronger way than before now that he's had a taste of it. Damaian, it's not safe on Earth anymore."

Questions arose in my mind of what he meant by all this. I still hadn't absorbed the fact that Helena had passed away, trying to protect me from a monster, and that her body had turned into silver powder. Now they were talking about places out of Earth, who are these people?

My sudden realization of these facts got me kicking and struggling against Damian but he was strong enough to hold me firmly against his chest. "Let me go!" I yelled, punching him with all my strength but it's as if he ignored my very existence, continuing to converse in a deadly serious tone with Jayden.

"She's not ready, Jayden. This was all a sudden toll, it shouldn't have happened. It'll take her some time to really grasp her magic and control it."

"Well there's no better place for that than with the other witches and professors. She could train."

"It's far too early for her," Damian whispered, breaking his gaze to look down at me. My angry glare faltered when I saw something in his eyes I hadn't seen before: concern.

"It's already far too late for us. The Dark Seer's watching our every move. We have no other choice," Jayden said.

Damian sighed, letting go of me and setting my feet back on the ground where I was more comfortable. The unwiped tears were dry against my cheeks, a part of my head pounding with the forming of a deep bruise but that wasn't what bothered me. I was lost. I had no idea what they were talking about and I needed to know.

"What in the world is going on?" I demanded, poking Damian hard on his shoulder.

"No time to explain that at the moment Arianna. We have to get going."

He took hold of my hand, dragging me with a gentle force back into the direction of the city. "Get going where?"

My eyes flickered to Jayden who turned to meet my eyes, a wry smile forming on his lips. "To your sanctuary."

The End

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